Der letzte Krieg | ©newfilm pictures
©newfilm pictures
Teaser (Series Concept) | 2018 | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting22/05/2018
End of shooting01/06/2018


Brief synopsis

Years after the devastating attacks and the associated virus pandemic, 30-year-old Alex has created a refuge in the mountains. The situation and the war have claimed many victims. Now the fight for survival takes her into the city every day. Fynn, however, has joined a small military group. But he is separated from the unit together with Amir, a mechanic, and is now on the run. Above a city in the Middle East the daily calls to prayer resound. Shadia Doré is determined to go to the occupied area.

But what or who will she expect there? All these people will be confronted with the extreme situations that everyone, regardless of origin or faith, will have to face in a war that will be the last!


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Adip Dutar
Amir [L]
Susann MertzAlex [L]
Sonja WondraShadia [L]
Fynn ZinapoldFynn [L]


Vfx producerSven Esch
Vfx supervisorSven Esch
DirectorDetlef Muckel
ComposerAndreas Wolff [1]
Special effects supervisorRalf Cordes
ArmorerRalf Cordes
Stunt coordinatorRalf Cordes

Production companies

Newfilm Pictures, Detlef Muckel [de]


Score /MusicMusic ParadiseComposition and film music production by Music Paradise