Der deutsche Kinderwunsch? | ©Merle Grimme
©Merle Grimme
Short Documentary | 2017 | Society, Women | Germany

    Brief synopsis

    Everyone wants children. And once you have children, everything will work out OK. A promise that is not always fulfilled and not for every woman. The film addresses the questions: Why does a woman (not) want children? What effect does it have on her and on her role in society?


    Production accountantMargit Werb
    ColoristClaudia Fuchs
    Director of photographyThomas Spitschka
    Director of photographyFelix Pflieger
    1st assistant cameraAhmed El Nagar
    1st assistant cameraRebecca Hoeft
    DirectorMerle Grimme
    EditorMerle Grimme
    ProducerIsabelle Bertolone
    ProducerMarius Ehlayil
    ProducerSalome Tomasek
    Line producerManya Lutz-Moneim
    Assistant to line producerAnna Katharina Engel
    Production plannerSabina Kannewischer
    Production plannerBeate Bialas
    ResearcherFelizitas Hoffmann
    Production sound mixerRabelle Erian
    Production sound mixerMichael Prechtl
    Sound re-recording mixerGerhard Auer
    Commissioning editorFelizitas Hoffmann


    Cameras and UtilitiesBR Bayerischer Rundfunk [de]


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Merle Grimme2017Short Film Competition: The World We Wish ForJury Prize of the Short Film CompetitionWinner