Brief synopsis

    A documentary thriller about land grabbing and the global rush for farmland – the new green gold!

    Around the globe, there is a massive commercial rush for farmland – the new green gold. One of the most profitable new spots for farming is Ethiopia.

    Hoping for export revenues, the Ethiopian government leases millions of hectares of allegedly unused land to foreign investors. But the dream of prosperity has a dark side – the most massive forced evictions in modern history, lost livelihoods of small farmers, harsh repression and a vicious spiral of violence. Contributing to this disaster are the EU, the World Bank and DFID, providing billions of dollars in development money.

    Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas investigates these foreign land-investments and exposes their impact on people’s lives. In the pursuit of truth, we meet investors, development bureaucrats, persecuted journalists, struggling environmentalists and small farmers deprived of their land.

    (WG Film)


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    SprecherJörg Hartmann


    Director of photographyMark BarrsUK
    Director of photographyUte Freund
    Director of photographyZeb DavidsonUK
    DirectorJoakim Demmer
    EditorStefan Sundlöf
    EditorFrank BrummundtVornominierung Europäischer FP
    ComposerMatthias Trippner
    ProducerMargarete JangårdWG Film
    Co-producerJohn WebsterJW Documentaries
    Delegate producerFredrik Gertten
    Line producerZsofi Lili Kovacs
    ScreenwriterJoakim Demmer
    Script consultantAnders Villadsen
    Transcript translationRudolf Nadler
    Production sound mixerOlli Pärnänen
    Sound designerJanne Laine

    Production companies

    JW Documentaries [fi]Ko-Produktion Filmproduktions GmbH [de]Ko-Produktion
    WG Film [se]Ko-Produktion
    Yle Fem [fi]Ko-Produktion
    Film i Skåne [se]Ko-Produktion
    RBB - Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg [de]Ko-Produktion
    SVT - Sveriges Television AB [se]in Zusammenarbeit
    Ikon [nl]in Zusammenarbeit
    Arte [de/fr]in Zusammenarbeit


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Joakim Demmer2017European Film AwardsDokumentary FeatureNominated


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 05/10/2017