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Feature Film | 2024 | Psychodrama | Germany
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Brief synopsis

The family happiness should be perfect with the birth of the second child. But after moving to the country, the young mother, while still in childbirth, notices events that deeply worry her: apparently her first-born, seven-year-old daughter is after the baby's life.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Verena AltenbergerMarion [L]
Victoria TrauttmansdorffErnestine [SR]
Barnaby MetschuratAnton [SR]
Sandro Di StefanoUgo Partmann [SR]
Ulrike WillenbacherAnnegret Partmann [SR]
Ewa Patricia KlosowskiNora [SR]
Christian SchnellerDr. Helmut Klein, Dorfarzt [SR]
Doris BuchruckerStationsschwester [SR]
Sandra BoschCharlottes Klassenlehrerin [BP]
Simon PearceKinderpsychologe [BP]
Petra KalkutschkeMarlene Vogl, Marions Assistenz [BP]
Anne MüllerUli Karrer, Steinmetzin [BP]


Director of photographyJulian Krubasik
Casting directorBärbel Bodeux
Costume designerJudith Weihrauch
DirectorAnne Hilliges
EditorTilman Schulz
Delegate producerClaude König
ProducerCorinna C. Poetter
Production designerVerena Kaupert
ScreenwriterAnne Hilliges

Production companies

eitelsonnenschein GmbH
Medea Film GbR [de]