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    Feature Film | 2015-2016 | Drama, Mystery, Whodunit | Belgium, France, Japan

      Brief synopsis

      Stéphane, a former fashion photographer, lives alone with Marie, his daughter, who he keeps close beside him on their property in the suburbs. Each day, she becomes his model for long posed sessions in front of his camera. The sessions become increasingly unendurable with each passing day. When Jean, a new and inexperienced assistant, enters this dark and dangerous universe, he slowly realizes that he must rescue Marie from this toxic influence.


      ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
      Tahar RahimJean [L]
      Constance RousseauMarie Hégray [L]
      Olivier GourmetStéphane Hégray [L]
      Mathieu AmalricVincent [SR]
      Malik ZidiThomas [SR]
      Valérie SibiliaDenise [SR]


      AD TraineeAlexandre De Melas
      Director of photographyAlexis Kavyrchine
      Costume designerElisabeth Méhu
      DirectorKiyoshi Kurosawa
      EditorVéronique Lange
      Key makeup artistManuelle Taco
      ComposerGrégoire Hetzel
      ProducerJérôme Dopffer
      ProducerMichiko Yoshitake
      Production designerSébastien Danos
      Production designerPascale Consigny
      Property driverTomy Corvisier
      ScreenwriterCatherine Paillé
      ScreenwriterEléonore Mahmoudian
      ScreenwriterKiyoshi Kurosawa
      Production sound mixerErwan Kerzanet
      Sound re-recording mixerEmmanuel de Boissieu
      Sound editorJulie Brenta


      TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
      First showingGermanyarteMonday, 24/08/2020, 9.45 PM


      Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 08/03/2017