TV Series | Episodes 1-12 | 2019 | Netflix | Whodunit | France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, USA

Shooting data

LocationsNetflix Studios 'Ciudad de la Tele', Spain (all episodes)

Project data

Length of episode45'
Episodes from/to1-12


Brief synopsis

Criminal is a police procedural with a unique premise: it takes place exclusively within the confines of a police interview suite. This stripped down, cat-and-mouse drama will focus on the intense mental conflict between the police officer and the suspect in question.
This revolutionary procedural will comprise of 12 unique stories set in 4 different countries: France, Spain, Germany and the UK.
The episodes will be in local language, written and directed by talent from their respective countries.
Episodes 12 x 45 minutes. 3 episodes per country.



ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Katherine Kelly(british part) [SS]
Lee Ingleby(british part) [SS]
Nicholas Pinnock(british part) [SS]
Mark Stanley(british part) [SS]
Rochenda Sandall(british part) [SS]
Shubham Saraf(british part) [SS]
Eva Meckbach(german part) [SS]
Sylvester Groth(german part) [SS]
Florence Kasumba(german part) [SS]
Christian Kuchenbuch(german part) [SS]
Jonathan Berlin(german part) [SS]
Margot Bancilhon(french part) [SS]
Laurent Lucas(french part) [SS]
Stéphane Jobert(french part) [SS]
Anne Azoulay(french part) [SS]
Mhamed Arezki(french part) [SS]
Emma Suárez(spanish part) [SS]
Alvaro Cervantes(spanish part) [SS]
Jorge Bosch(spanish part) [SS]
José Ángel Egido(spanish part) [SS]
Nuria Mencía(spanish part) [SS]
Daniel Chamorro(spanish part) [SS]
María Morales(spanish part) [SS]
Javi Coll(spanish part) [SS]
Milo Taboada(spanish part) [SS]
Hayley Atwell(british part) [GS]
David Tennant(british part) [GS]
Youssef Kerkour(british part) [GS]
Claire-Hope Ashitey(british part) [GS]
Nina Hoss(german part) [GS]
Peter Kurth(german part) [GS]
Christian Berkel(german part) [GS]
Deniz Arora(german part) [GS]
Nathalie Baye(french part) [GS]
Jérémie Renier(french part) [GS]
Sara Giraudeau(french part) [GS]
Carmen Machi(spanish part) [GS]
Inma Cuesta(spanish part) [GS]
Eduard Fernández(spanish part) [GS]


Additional photographyErik Schwarzgerman part
DirectorFrédéric Mermoudfrench part
DirectorMariano Barrosospanish part
DirectorOliver Hirschbiegelgerman part
DirectorJim Field Smithbritish part
Script supervisorSilke Engelhardt3 german episodes
Executive producerMariano Barrosospanish part
Executive producerFrédéric Mermoudfrench part
Executive producerGeorge Kaybritish part
Executive producerOliver Hirschbiegelgerman part
Executive producerJim Field Smithbritish part
Show runner/ series producerJim Field Smith
Show runner/ series producerGeorge Kay
CreatorGeorge Kay
CreatorJim Field Smith
ScreenwriterAlejandro Hernándezspanish part
ScreenwriterAntonin Martin-Hilbertfrench part
ScreenwriterManuel Martín Cuencaspanish part
ScreenwriterBernd Langegerman part
ScreenwriterMathieu Missoffefrench part
Co-writerSebastian Heeggerman part

Production companies

Idiotlamp Production [uk]
Netflix [us]


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CostumesTheaterkunst GmbH KostümausstattungKB: Irene Orts