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    At the moment (11.06.21) Crew United offers editorially reviewed information on over 403,000 filmmakers and actors, 64,000 companies and 235,000 film projects.
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About Crew United

We connect people to make great movies together!
To this end, we network all filmmakers in front of and behind the camera, production companies, service providers and agencies via their joint films. At the same time, we are committed to a strong film culture and film industry that is permeated and shaped by fairness, sustainability, transparency, cosmopolitanism, diversity, liberal-mindedness, courage and tolerance!


2003Crew United was awarded the Innovation Prize 2003 of the BKM (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media).


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  • Berlin
    Markgrafendamm 24 (Haus 16, 3 .Etg. l., Raum 300)10245  BerlinGermany
    Phone:+49 89 20244030

Company data

Who are we and where are we going?In 1996, Vincent Lutz and Oliver Zenglein, two filmmakers from Munich, founded Crew United with the vision to unite all film professionals in one place. This was 2 years before Google, 8 years before Facebook and 11 years before Netflix.
Today, Crew United is the largest European online network for all people and companies involved in the audiovisual industry and their works. With our comprehensive, up-to-date and transparent information and innovative tools we enable the networking of all industry players.
Crew United is based on a moderated, participatory model: All new entries made by our members are checked by the editorial team. Errors can be reported by email, phone or directly via the system and we will correct them immediately.

Starting in the German film industry, Crew United is expanding its work to other European countries since 2019. With the French and Polish version of the website and soon the local adaptations for Spain, Italy, Greece, Lithuania and Romania, the team of editors welcomes new members and partners to join the platform and develop the film industry together. The approach is to develop national networks that take into account each country's identity, language, film culture and structures, and to join them to a common European network that will decisively promote the collaboration between the countries, and the European film identity within and outside Europe.
How does Crew United work?Crew United can be briefly described as a cross of a film database combined with a professional directory. A Crew United profile allows you to reference your own filmography in a very precise and verified manner, to find out who has worked on which film and with whom, and to search with detailed criteria among the filmmakers’ profiles.
All professions and activities in the audiovisual sector are represented.
There are active and passive profiles on Crew United. You can tell if they have a small circle next to their name: Grey means Basic, yellow Premium, orange Premium video+ and pink Agency complete. These are different account types, you can find more information in the Benefits section.
The so-called "passive" entries do not have their own profile, but are merely a database entry. If you have a passive entry on Crew United, you can convert it into an active profile by identifying yourself with this entry during registration. You can find information about our admission criteria in the next section.

Who can register?

# All departments working behind the camera - we currently have over 450 different professions listed.
# Actors and actresses
# Production companies and film distributors
# Talent agencies
# Facilities in hundreds of different business areas from catering to lighting rental.
Experience abroadSouthern Europe: Canary Islands
Date of company foundation1996
Company historyMILESTONES:

June, 1996: Crew United was founded!

On July 1, 2003 the new Crew United went online successfully. Since November 1, 2003, the premium status is subject to a fee. The restricted basic status will remain free of charge.

In November 2003 Crew United was awarded the Innovation Prize 2003 of the BKM (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media).

Since December 2003 Crew United exclusively distributes the NewsletterCinearte - Nachrichten für Filmschaffende

On October 8th, 2010 the cooperation with started - together with numerous updates and improvements and the unique feature to link showreels with the filmography and the film database.

On June 6, 2011 out takes - The Blog of the Film and Television Industry started, a real networking project: Five companies (casting-network, Cinearte, Crew United, medienvorsorge, schauspielervideos) work together for a blog from the industry for the industry.

June 2016: Crew United turns 20!

Autumn 2018: A completely new Crew United is launched

November 2019: Crew United France is launched

February 2021: Crew United Poland is launched!

June 2021: Crew United turns 25!

April 2023: Crew United Italy + Crew United Spain + Crew United Lithuania + Crew United Greece + Crew United Romania will be launched!

Permanent employees19
Immediate working areaHead office: Munich
Branch offices: Berlin