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    Feature Film | 2018-2019 | Drama | Germany, Italy


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    Brief synopsis

    Does music have the power to overcome ignorance, hate, and prejudice among young people of different religions and nationalities? As peace talks are held between diplomats from Israel and Palestine, an orchestra comprised of young Palestinians and Israelis is to give a concert in South Tyrol. The youth become convinced that music can contribute to understanding between peoples not only on a small scale, but also globally. This great work about reconciliation features not only such well-known actors as Peter Simonischek, but also Israeli and Palestinian novice actors, who will be present at the screening. To make it easier to follow the film, passages in Hebrew are given German and English subtitles.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Peter SimonischekEduard Sporck [L]
    Bibiana BeglauKarla [L]
    Daniel DonskoyRon [L]
    Sabrina AmaliLayla [L]
    Mehdi MeskarOmar [L]
    Götz Otton.n. [SR]
    Maya GorkinSecretary [SR]
    Soldier at the checkpoint [BP]Yotam Ishay


    production accountantSandra May
    director of photographyGero Steffen
    scuba dopFee Strothmann
    camera operatorFee Strothmann
    1st assistant cameraJulian 'Joules' Hagen
    1st assistant cameraNicole SmithB Cam
    2nd assistant cameraChristina Verena BauerArri Alexa XT | A-Cam
    DIT digital imaging technicianDaniel PieperALEXA / On Set Dailies
    video playback operatorMarius Kast
    still photographerOliver Oppitz
    still photographerChristian Lüdeke
    casting directorCassandra Han
    costume designerRiccarda Merten-Eicher
    assistant costume designerJulia SchellJuni - August
    assistant costume designerKunji Laura Baerwald
    wardrobeRita Csulik
    directorDror Zahavi
    1st assistant directorRaimond Schultheis1st AD
    script supervisorRosa Schein
    editorFritz Busse
    key/dolly gripHannes Staehle
    grip assistantDaniel MahlknechtSüdtirol
    grip assistantJulius v. Schnurbein
    camera car driverWolfgang Petters
    multicopter pilotOliver Jergis
    gafferTilo Ullrich
    best boyJ. Paul Fahle
    electricianKatharina ZieglerZusatz/Vertretung
    additional electricianMartina Ferraretto
    makeup artist / hair stylistSimone Schlimm
    makeup artist / hair stylistKarla Meirer
    additional make up artistMonika KnaufFitting und Dreh Komparserie
    additional make up artistElisabeth Dietrich
    composerMartin Stock
    producerAlice Brauner
    co-producerMichael ZechbauerMZ-Film
    co-producerMonika ReinthalerFilmvergnuegen
    co-producerPeter TrenkwalderFilmvergnuegen
    co-producerM. Walid NakschbandiAVE Publishing
    co-producerThomas ReisserNiama-Film
    co-producerMarcus MachuraNiama-Film
    co-producerFrank HolderiedRed Bull Media House
    assistant to producerBettina Westhausenund Postproduktionskoordination
    production designerGabriele Wolff
    assistant production designerManja Hungerfür Gabi Wolff
    prop masterSebastian MartinItalien
    prop masterDoro WeingartenHessen
    standby propsJulia Nina Hartmann
    location scoutFlorian Mohn
    location scoutYvonne WassongHessen
    location scoutDaniel Defranceschi
    graphic artistHilmar Stehr
    property driverChristoph Sobecki
    line producerAndreas Born
    post production supervisorSimon Sturzeneggerfür Cine Chromatix
    production coordinatorKerstin Baldini
    production coordinatorGerlinde TreibenreifSüdtirol
    assistant production managerElina Nikolaeva16.07 - 24.08.18
    unit managerSteffen Steigner
    unit managerGerd KeiserItalien / Südtirol Bozen
    unit managerDirk EickhoffHessen
    location managerGerlinde TreibenreifSüdtirol
    location managerJeremias RockelHessen-Part
    transportation coordinatorWolfgang Petters
    set manager / 3rd ADSebastian WernerDeutschland
    4th AD / Additional ADKatharina BörnerHessen
    set runnerJohannes Bogendörfer
    production driverOliver Planert
    screenwriterJohannes Rotter
    co-writerDror Zahaviin Zusammenarbeit
    Re-WriterMarcus O. RosenmüllerÜberarbeitung
    Re-WriterVolker Kellner
    IdeaAlice Brauner
    IdeaArt Bernd
    literary sourceStephen Glantz
    production sound mixerOliver JergisLuftaufnahmen 4K HDR & Filmton
    boom operatorSteffen Müller
    coloristTobias WiedmerSupervision, CX Italy

    Production companies

    CCC Filmkunst GmbH
    AVE Publishing GmbH & Co. KGKoproduktion
    MZ-Film [de]Koproduktion
    Niama-Film GmbHKoproduktion
    Red Bull Media House [at]Koproduktion

    Distributing companies

    Camino Filmverleih GmbH [de]
    Global Screen GmbH [de]World Sales


    Cameras and UtilitiesWECAMFLY4K HDR Luftaufnahmen & Tonmeister
    Finance/Law/Insuranceadag Payroll Services GmbHKomparsenabrechnung
    Production Servicesdelikat & ausgewogenCrew Catering Hessen
    Production ServicesÖ wie Knödel / Goldene Rose GmbHÖ wie Knödel / Catering
    Transportation, Travel and AccomodationRoad Rebel
    Transportation, Travel and AccomodationWolfgang Petters Filmbau & FilmserviceGelände & Bergtransporte Südtirol ATV Allrad LKW costume servicesKB: Riccarda Merten-Eicher
    CostumesTheaterkunst GmbH KostümausstattungKB: R.Merten-Eicher
    CostumesWellenstein zeitgenössische Kostüme GmbHKB: Riccarda Merten-Eicher
    Vehicles and aircraftsMain-MotivProduktionsfahrzeuge


    2019GermanyFilmfest München [de]Erste Highlights


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 16.01.2020
    PremiereThursday, 04.07.2019Filmfest München [de]