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Corinna Winter, director, Hamburg
©Corinna Coco Winter
  • Director


Phone+49 69 27108960


Mobile+49 172 9677013
Phone+49 172 9677013

    About Corinna Winter

    Coco has shot more than 400 commercials becoming a renowned international director for TVC and image films around the globe. Coco was named in Horizont's "Germanys 10 best female directors in advertising". She led teams in Argentina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, the UK and at home in Germany. Her on-set positivity extends to the front of camera team on set even when directing remote. She is very comfortable working with celebrities and being a mother gives her a great understanding when working with children. The full emotion and life reality of the stories become very evident in her commercials. Coco’s grounding in and enthusiasm for art direction has given her an acute eye for detail enabling her working with all production budgets from small to very large. Whilst Coco’s passion for food and cooking is evident in the wide range of commercials that she has directed in that field, she is equally enthusiastically driven to deliver for all her clients who have included Averna, Bayer, Beiersdorf, Bepanthen, Bongrain, Bergader, Berentzen, Brillux, Carte D'Or, clever, Danone, Darboven, Deutsche Telekom, Develey, Du Darfst, Dolormin, Dr. Oetker, eBay, Edding, Eilles, Ergo Versicherung, Ehrmann, Exquisa, Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Ferrero, Flexagil, Henkel, Hochland, Humana, Kiri, Kraft Food, Knorr, Kytta, Kreon, Lidl, Little Lunch, Kellogg's, Maggi, McDonald's, Meta, Melitta, Mövenpick, Moulinex, Müllermilch, MSD Health, myToys, Nivea, Nestlé, Oleina Oil, Orlen, Parmalat, Patros, Rama, Ravensburger, Rapelli, Sanofi, Schogetten, Schwartau, Storck, Stada, Saint Bernard, Tchibo, Teekanne, Thomy, Torchyn, Toffifee, Unilever, Volvic, WhatsApp, WMF, Weight Watchers, Werther's, to name but a few. 

    Coco is married and currently lives with her husband and their two kids in Hamburg/Germany.
    She can also be booked as a local director in the U.K.

    Advertising/Image/Music videos as director

    2023Oleina Oil - With HerbsCommercialCorinna WinterMoonshiners TV [ua]
    2023Torchyn - XmasCommercialCorinna WinterPronto Film [ua]
    2023Clever - Baustelle (WT)CommercialCorinna WinterMuellers Bureau Filmproduktion GmbH [at]
    2023Clever - Enkerl schupfen (WT)CommercialCorinna WinterMuellers Bureau Filmproduktion GmbH [at]
    2023Clever - Familienfeier (WT)CommercialCorinna WinterMuellers Bureau Filmproduktion GmbH [at]
    2023Clever - Knistern (WT)CommercialCorinna WinterMuellers Bureau Filmproduktion GmbH [at]
    2023Orlen Star Tankstellen - Driven by Innovation. Gemeinsam mehr bewegenCommercialCorinna WinterKaeptn Postproduktion GmbH [de]
    2023Dr. Oetker - Kwarktaart Mango, Roze Koeken, Brownies ChocoCommercialCorinna WinterScrambled [nl]
    2023Schöner Wohnen Farbe – TrendfarbeCommercialCorinna WinterLaterna Magica Filmproduktion GmbH
    2023Schöner Wohnen Farbe – DesignfarbenCommercialCorinna WinterLaterna Magica Filmproduktion GmbH
    2023Schöner Wohnen Farbe – KreidefarbenCommercialCorinna WinterLaterna Magica Filmproduktion GmbH
    2023Baume Saint-Bernard - Back to natureCommercialCorinna WinterTwinFilm GmbH [de]
    2023Storck - Werther's Echte BitesCommercialCorinna WinterPullover Films
    2023Orlen Star Tankstellen - Job tindernRecruiting-VideoCorinna WinterKaeptn Postproduktion GmbH [de]
    2023Kinder Schoko-Bons - WhereCommercialCorinna WinterErste Liebe Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
    2022Kreon - Image (für Uzbekistan)CommercialCorinna WinterMoonshiners TV [ua]
    2022Toppits - Love What's LeftCommercialCorinna WinterKanu Film [de]
    2022Vagisan FeuchtCreme - Starke Frauen. Das ganze GesprächCorporate FilmCorinna WinterTankTank GmbH
    2022Vagisan FeuchtCreme - Starke FrauenCommercialCorinna WinterTankTank GmbH
    2022Little Lunch - Lunch ist, wenn du es sagstCommercialCorinna WinterUrbanUncut GmbH

    Basic data

    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Switzerland
    North America: USA
    Northern Europe: Denmark
    Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine
    South Africa: South Africa
    South America: Argentina, Uruguay
    Southern Europe: Canary Islands, Italy, Portugal, Spain
    Southeastern Europe: Greece, Rumania
    West Asia: Lebanon
    Western Europe: United Kingdom
    Special skillsFood, storytelling, kids, animals.
    Remote directing.
    Immediate working areaHamburg
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Hamburg
    Accommodation possibilitiesLondon