Coppelius | © Urwerk Film
© Urwerk Film
Short Film | 2008 | Drama | Germany

Brief synopsis

Victory for the Revolution!
It was the last battle between emperor Coppelius´ troops and the rebel forces.
The young Julia and her little brother Michael are hiding in their secret place, when rebel soldiers, looking for the abhorred dictator on the run, search their shelter.
But they are not alone in there.
Coppelius, despaired and armed takes Michael as a hostage.
After the rebel soldiers had moved out, Julia succeeds in overwhelming the man, who killed her family and is responsible for the cruel regime of the past.
With Michael looking on, Julia has to make a decision between revenge or mercy, hate or grace...


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Christina EinbockJulia [L]
Klaus RafalskiCoppelius [L]
Philipp Alfons HeitmannReporter/ Anchorman [SR]


Vfx supervisorPhilip Schneider
3d artistStefan Willisch
Digital effects designerTobias Dommer
Digital effects designerMarco Meyer
Digital effects designerDaniela Fassl
Digital matte painterPatrick Wodstrcil
Director of photographyTobias Utz
1st assistant cameraMelina Frommann
Costume designerJessica Dinger
DirectorMatthias Müller
1st AD (local system)Sebastian Bartolitius
EditorStefan Calgaro
EditorColin SteinbornMaking Of Editor
GafferPeter Frommann
Best boySascha Reinhardt3 Tage Set-Aufnahmeleitung
Lighting technician / electricianAlex Rubin
Lighting technician / electricianStephanie Albrecht
Makeup artist / hair stylistElena Valeska Herlet
ComposerChristian Stingel
ProducerMatthias Haag
ProducerTravis Mendel
Production designerSebastian Heck
Assistant production designerCornelius Schick
ScreenwriterMatthias Müller
Production sound mixerChristian Späth
Sound re-recording mixerMarc Veizhans
Sound designerMarc Veizhans

Production companies

Bornfree Entertainment
Urwerk Filmproduktion [de]


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Stefan Calgaro2008168 Hour Project [us]SchnittNominated
Matthias Müller2008168 Hour Project [us]Best DirectorNominated
Matthias Müller2008168 Hour Project [us]Best Screenplay - DramaNominated
Philip Schneider2008168 Hour Project [us]SpezialeffekteWinner
Matthias Haag2008168 Hour Project [us]Best FilmNominated
Matthias Haag2008168 Hour Project [us]Best International FilmWinner
Klaus Rafalski2008168 Hour Project [us]Best ActorNominated
Christian Stingel2008168 Hour Project [us]Best Original ScoreNominated
Christina Einbock2008168 Hour Project [us]Best ActressNominated