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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2022ProtagonistShort Filmdirector of photography
    2022Post MortemShort Filmdirector of photography
    2021Jerry Has Fear (Internetfilm)Short Filmdirector
    2020The Only Friend I Ever HadShort Filmdirector of photography
    2020First Do No HarmShort Filmdirector of photography
    2019Peter and a JoggerWorkshop-Productiondirector
    2019WholeWorkshop-Productiondirector of photography
    2019RampensauTV Series, VOX [de]post production coordinator
    2017J.P. Sartre - No ExitShort Filmdirector of photography
    2016Glücklich von A bis ZWorkshop-Productiondirector
    2016ConatusShort Filmdirector of photography
    2016ConatusShort Filmeditor
    2015Sent (WT)Short Film1st assistant camera
    2014SchlaflosShort Filmdirector of photography
    2014SchlaflosShort Filmscreenwriter
    2014SchlaflosShort Filmdirector
    2013Alfred Brehm - Die Gefühle der TiereDocumentary (multi-part), arte2nd assistant camera
    2013Grauer Burgunder trockenWorkshop-Productiondirector
    2013ClownsWorkshop-Productioncamera operator