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Clashing Differences | ©alittlefilmproduction
Series | 2022-2023 | Diversity, Drama, Empowerment, Feminism, Satire | Germany

Brief synopsis

House of Womxn has a diversity problem. Or so the all-white board members have been told. Forced to take action with the threat of being removed from the International Women’s Conference, the board hires Paula — a lesbian with her own closely-held thoughts around privilege—to assemble the perfect mix of marginalized people to develop the organization’s all-inclusive manifesto.Among those enlisted include an Asian divorcee fighting for custody of her gender-neutral child, a Black woman tired of being taken advantage of, and a disabled immigrant. Forcing queer folks to cohabitate for a weekend for the sake of solidarity certainly has its pitfalls. As their different viewpoints on race, feminism, and other hot-button issues threaten to derail the entire weekend, they find themselves dealing with a much more dangerous threat.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Rabea LüthiSus [L]
Thelma BuabengKisha [L]
Jane ChirwaFlora [L]
Minh-Khai Phan-ThiSimone [L]
Şafak ŞengülÇena [L]
Lisa HrdinaPaula [L]
Christine WilhelmiHannah [L]
Tucké RoyaleRieko [SR]
Anna StieblichMartha [SR]
Inka FriedrichElisabeth [SR]
Eva BayLuise [SR]


Production accountantIna Stahnsdorf-Novotny
Postproduction producerKatharina Deltow
Title designerTimm-Christian Schindel
Director of photographyDiara Sow
Steadicam operatorLasse Liebelt
1st assistant cameraNadja Krüger
2nd assistant cameraGreta Markurt
DIT digital imaging technicianGreta Markurt
Casting directorStephanie Maile
Casting assistantRosa Mylord
Stephanie Maile
Stephanie Maile
Costume designerUlé Barcelos
Costumer / wardrobeSophia Schramm
Costumer / wardrobeValentin Mici
DirectorMerle Grimme
1st AD (local system)Dessirie Stegmaier
Sick leave cover 7 days of shooting
Sick leave cover 7 days of shooting
1st AD (local system)Mai Trang Nguyen
Script continuityKiara Fakhoury
Substitution on 3 shooting days
Substitution on 3 shooting days
Script continuityDessirie Stegmaier
EditorAndi Pek
Online editorJasper Brandt
GafferJanne Ebel
Best boy electricArne Weiß
Lighting technician / electricianAurelia Langhanke
Lighting technician / electricianJenny Röders
Additional electricianElisa Daniel
Additional electricianRegina Wiebe
Makeup artist / hair stylistMarie-Luise Adler
ComposerJared Meier-Klodt
ComposerJohannes Stegemann
ProducerMiriam Klein
ProducerDr. Gabriela Sperl
ProducerMerle Grimme
Production designerStephanie Schober
Berlin, Brandenburg
Berlin, Brandenburg
Standby propsAylin Englisch
Set dresserDirk Ehrhardt
Production managerAnn-Kristin Bardi
CalculationNicole de Haas
Assistant production managerEmma Stiehm
Assistant production managerEylin Ammon
Unit manager (local system)Monika Kowolik
5 weeks preparation
5 weeks preparation
Unit manager (local system)Philip Ostendorf
Set manager/ floor managerAna Wybkea Gutschke
3 Drehtage Vertretung der Setaufnahmeleitung
3 Drehtage Vertretung der Setaufnahmeleitung
Set manager/ floor managerTimm-Christian Schindel
Assistant set/floor managerAna Wybkea Gutschke
Production driverNora Lüders
Production driverMichael Wegner
2 Tage
2 Tage
ScreenwriterMerle Grimme
Script consultantHannes Oppermann
Production sound mixerNic Nagel
Boom operatorFanny Thera Harisch
Boom operatorMagdalena Jacob
Sound designerKai Unger
ConsultantSolmaz Sohrabi
Project consulting
Project consulting


Production ConsultingAndrè Blüthmann
Production ConsultingE.A.S.T
Production ServicesFa. Blüthmann
WC Anhänger , Generator HBlock Mobile Hygienestadion , Reinigungskraft
WC Anhänger , Generator HBlock Mobile Hygienestadion , Reinigungskraft
Production ServicesFilmservice Berlin-Brandenburg
Tag und Nachtbewachung
Tag und Nachtbewachung
Production ServicesGrell Rundumservice GmbH
Set- und Dekorationsreinigung
Set- und Dekorationsreinigung
PropsNew Wave Kreativmanufaktur (Felix Schmidt)
Film Processing/TransfersMedia Services GmbH - Pharos The Post Group
Subtitles / Audio descriptionNo Limits Media GmbH


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanyarteThursday, 05/10/2023only in the ARTEmediathek, from 06.10.2023 for one year in the ZDFmediathek