Projects saved at Crew United

    2021There Is Something About the WoodsShort Film
    2020En Pointe (Webfilm)Short Film
    2018Train like a princess. Unleash the beast (Internetfilm)
    Short Filmsupport
    2017Real or Fake? (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2016ReCreation (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2016Falsche Ausführung (Internetfilm) (WT)Short Film
    2016Stiefel aus Guss (Internetfilm) (WT)Short Film
    2016Der Geistermitbewohner (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2015A Tricky Thing (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2015Hermann (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2015Der V-Fall (Internerfilm)Short Film
    2015Papa (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2015404 (Wettbewerbsbeitrag 99 Fire Films Award)Short Film
    2014Pieces of Glass (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2014The Z - QuestionShort Film
    2014Film Noel II - Noeller (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2014Closed (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2014Painted Love (Internetfilm)Short Film
    2014My Super Sweet 16-Bit Satisfaction (Internetfilm) (WT)Short Film
    2014Wii U, Wii happy U (Internetfilm)Short Film