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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2019Kiss Me Kosher!Feature Filmproducer
    Splinter Unit 7 DT (Germany)
    TV Series, Starz [us]service producerSplinter Unit 7 DT (Germany)
    2016Tödliche Geheimnisse - Jagd in Kapstadt
    Vorbereitung Deutschland
    TV Movieservice producerVorbereitung Deutschland
    Packaging & Finanzierung
    Feature Filmline producerPackaging & Finanzierung
    TV Series, NBC [us]delegate producerDeutschlanddreh
    2015BMW i - Wie sieht der Fahrer der Zukunft aus? (Brandfilm)Commercialproducer
    2015Die Mitte der Welt
    und PL
    Feature Filmline producerund PL
    2014Outside the BoxFeature Filmline producer
    2014My Brother's Name is Robert and he is an Idiot
    additional shooting
    Feature Filmproduction manageradditional shooting
    2013Covert Affairs
    (ep 410 - foreign Crew VIENNA)
    TV Series, NBC [us]producer(ep 410 - foreign Crew VIENNA)
    2013Salomea's NoseShort Filmproducer
    2012Run Boy Run
    Israeldreh (1DT)
    Feature Filmproduction managerIsraeldreh (1DT)
    2012ZappelphilippTV Movie, BR [de]line producer
    2011Balkan Beats - Der Film (Trailer)Short Filmproducer
    2011Covert Affairs
    Episode Berlin
    TV Series, NBC [us]producerEpisode Berlin
    2011Vista Higher Learning - German Course (WT)Industrial Videoproducer
    2010The Police Officer`s WifeFeature Filmline producer
    2010The Police Officer`s WifeFeature Filmproduction manager
    2009Die Traumtänzer (WT)Documentaryline producer
    2009ShahadaFeature Filmproduction manager