Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2018Men in Black InternationalFeature FilmAgent H [L]
    2018Bad Times at the El RoyalFeature FilmBilly Lee [L]
    2017Avengers - Infinity WarFeature FilmThor [L]
    2016Thor: RagnarokFeature FilmThor [L]
    2014Avengers: Age of UltronFeature FilmThor [L]Tommy Morgenstern
    2014BlackhatFeature FilmNicholas Hathaway [L]
    2013In The Heart Of The SeaFeature FilmOwen Chase [L]
    2012Rush - Alles für den SiegFeature FilmJames Hunt [L]
    2012Thor - The Dark WorldFeature FilmThor [L]
    2011Snow White and The HuntsmanFeature FilmEric [L]
    2011The AvengersFeature FilmThor [L]
    2009The Cabin in the WoodsFeature FilmCurt [L]