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© Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Series Pilot | 2017-2018 | Science Fiction, Thriller | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting03/12/2017
End of shooting10/12/2017
Number of shooting days7
LocationsStuttgart & Umgebung

Project data

Length of movie15 Min
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Sound formatStereo

Brief synopsis

Berlin in 2035: Security agent Carla Schwarz is in dystopian Berlin in search of her sister.

An attack is committed and one of Germany's most important economic figures dies.

But instead of catching the assassin, agent CARLA SCHWARZ helps him escape. A calculated act: She wants to sneak into the environmental activist group PARADISE to find her sister. All indications suggest that DAVID FÜHRMANN, leader of Paradise, has something to do with the disappearance of the sister 18 years earlier. Carla needs David's trust - at all costs.

Carla lives in a love affair with the son of the CEO of SECURENOW: MARIAN KRUG. Marian embodies the conscience of SecureNow. He believes that the company can do good for the community and does not have to be just a security apparatus of economic empires. But his father is opposed to this. He fears for power, money and influence.

As the environmental activists' trust in Carla grows, SecureNow begins to doubt their loyalty. Which side is Carla on?

Finally, something monstrous is happening: Marian is the murderer of her sister. Carla decides to change camp and seek revenge. The agent turns into a terrorist. But in the meantime, Marian has become the most powerful man at SecureNow and thus an important negotiating partner for the activist group. Marian promises the social change that people have been hoping for for so long. What will Carla do?


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Gina HallerCarla [L]
Sabin TambreaMarian [L]
Vincent RedetzkiJonathan Blum [L]
Raphael FülöpDavid Führmann [GS]
Frieder Venus
Ferdinand Krug [SR]
Ulrike HübschmannErika Nestreich [SR]
Omar El-SaeidiJamil Jolani [SR]


Vfx producerJosephine Roß
Vfx supervisorDenis Krez
Director of photographyMartin L. Ludwig
Gimbal system operatorEden Gebert
1st assistant cameraClaudia Hector
2nd assistant cameraDavid Lux
DIT digital imaging technicianMareike Hahnel
Still photographerRuven Breuer
Costume designerAnneke Goertz
WardrobeAnja Barth
DirectorSascha Vredenburg
1st AD (local system)Ares Ceylan
2nd AD crowd (local system)Patricia Langenhan| substitutional 1 shooting day
2nd AD crowd (local system)Esther Busch
Script continuityJulia Mirjam Cantuária
EditorElena Schmidt
Assistant editorMagdalena Stauber
Key gripJim Kernjak
Camera car driverPhilipp KnopfTrailer
GafferNils Künstler
GafferJan Robin Weiland
Best boyThomas Bünger
Lighting technician / electricianSimon Cai
Additional electricianThomas Sali
Additional electricianVerena Mühling
Additional electricianJan Robin Weiland
Additional electricianMarc Donaubauer
Lighting assistantSven Unland
Fx makeup artistTim Scheidig
ProducerNelson Happ
ProducerJan-Hendrik Holst
Assistant-/ junior-producerLotta Schmelzer
Production designerNadja Götze
Assistant production designerHedy Michels
Assistant production designerDeborah Dixkens
Prop masterCéline Ahlbrecht
Standby propsAlmut Fischer
Set builderYaël Kolbnur In der Vorbereitung
Production managerJonas Sticherling
Set manager/ floor managerTobias Katzmann
Assistant set/floor managerNicola Pantzke
Assistant set/floor managerChristine Duttlinger
Set runnerMichael Hessenbruch
Production driverLukas Bäuerle
ScreenwriterLion H. Lau/ Showrunner / Autor
Production sound mixerRobin Harff
Boom operatorJohannes Schelle
Boom operatorFloyd Fürstenau
Sound re-recording mixerThomas Rother
Sound designerJohanna Roth [1]
Sound designerThomas Rother
Foley artistJohanna Roth [1]


GripKamerabühne - Philipp KnopfTrailerfahrten
GripSchäfer Arbeitsbühnen


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Nelson Happ2017Caligari FörderpreisBestes SerienkonzeptWinner
Jan-Hendrik Holst2017Caligari FörderpreisBestes SerienkonzeptWinner
Lion H. Lau2017Caligari FörderpreisBestes SerienkonzeptWinner