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Carola Bambas, actress, Munich
©Felicitas Darschin
  • Actress

Basic data

DialectsHamburgisch, Northern German (Native dialect)
Instrumentshandpanpianotransverse fluteukeleleyembe
Skills (dance)Modern DanceStandard
Skills (sports)skiingswimming
Immediate working areaMunich
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Bavaria
LicencesAM - Moped up to 45 km/h [eu], C (truck > 3,5 t) [eu]
Further referencesstoryteller
Nature Resilience Trainer ®
Course leader for forest bathing / mindfulness in the forest ®


ContactChristian Kemme
Phone+49 89 45229040
Mobile+49 172 8645566


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About Carola Bambas

"I'm talking my mouth very fluffy“ That's what my Berlin grandmother used to say. I never found the lint, but for me the most important thing in the evening was to lie in the cozy bed, to hear the warm soothing voice, and to dream myself into the stories it was telling.
Later I literally devoured the fairy tales and sagas, and I was also a big fan of the EUROPA radio play records. Often I would sit in my room for days and listen to the stories up and down until I could join in and play along with everything. In my head cinema I saw everything very graphically, including choreographies and the staging of entire pieces. So in fourth grade I quickly took over the direction of our final piece Sleeping Beauty, and gave myself the lead role. What else?
I came to the theater via detours, experienced the theater business first hand, and knew this is where I belong.

The direct contact with the audience, to create an imaginary world, as if it were real and also in such a way that my listener, whether small or large, also sees, feels or tastes it, fascinates me again and again.
My life is as diverse and colorful as the stories. I now work as a narrator, theater pedagogue and coach. In each of my areas of work, I draw on a wealth of experience as an actress, storyteller, educator, musician, author, director, group leader and mother of two children.
Even though I'm a northern light, I love the mountains around me. The Fünfseenland with its forests and lakes has become an important lifeline for me.

For me personally, the forest is a place of security and mental clarity, where I can breathe a sigh of relief and recharge. I get into the "here and now" very quickly, center myself and am grounded at the same time.

We humans have lived in harmony with nature for millennia and at the same time were part of it. In the meantime we have settled down, live in cities made of concrete and are moving more and more away from our actual nature.
For me it is no wonder that an often unconscious longing for nature and especially the forest arises as a result.

In nature we find our own inner nature again and that also affects our everyday life.

And when I get wanderlust, I discover new places with great childlike pleasure.

Known for

Movies as actress

2022Aktenzeichen XY Spezial - Cold Cases
Ingrid [L]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]MultipleIngrid [L]
2022Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst
Doris [LE]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]Christoph KlünkerDoris [LE]
2021Die Rosenheim-Cops
Dr. Carola Schmotz [LE]
TV Series, ZDF [de]Jörg SchneiderDr. Carola Schmotz [LE]
2020Aktenzeichen XY - Gelöst!
Ursula Herrmann [SR]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]Rudolf SchweigerUrsula Herrmann [SR]
2018Saviour Woman
Mutter [SR]
Short FilmAmos OstermeierMutter [SR]
2018Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst
Martina [L]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]MultipleMartina [L]
2018Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst
Petra Schulz [SR]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]MultiplePetra Schulz [SR]
2017Aktenzeichen XY - Gelöst!
Krankenschwester Tina [SR]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]Rudolf SchweigerKrankenschwester Tina [SR]
2017Schicksale - und plötzlich ist alles anders
Vera Kehl [L]
Documentary Series, SAT.1MultipleVera Kehl [L]
2017Aktenzeichen XY-Spezial - Vorsicht, Betrug!
Frau Berger [L]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]MultipleFrau Berger [L]
2016Einsatz in Köln - Die Kommissare
Frau Dr Schäfer [LE]
TV Series, SAT.1Jörg SchmidtFrau Dr Schäfer [LE]
2016Schicksale - und plötzlich ist alles anders
Carry [L]
Documentary Series, SAT.1Andy KleinCarry [L]
2015In Gefahr - Ein verhängnisvoller Moment
Babette Wessel [L]
TV Series, SAT.1Andy KleinBabette Wessel [L]
2014SOKO 5113
Schuldirektorin Huber [SR]
TV Series, ZDF [de]Jorgo PapavassiliouSchuldirektorin Huber [SR]
2014In Gefahr - Ein verhängnisvoller Moment
Mathilda Neher [L]
TV Series, SAT.1Jörg SchmidtMathilda Neher [L]
2014Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst
Ermittlerin [L]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]Peter LadkaniErmittlerin [L]
2013Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst
Bankfilialleiterin [L]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]Thomas PauliBankfilialleiterin [L]
2012Aktenzeichen XY ... ungelöst
Sabine Berger [L]
TV Magazine, ZDF [de]Peter LadkaniSabine Berger [L]
2012Schicksale - und plötzlich ist alles anders
Britta [L]
Documentary Series, SAT.1Uwe HahnBritta [L]
Frau [L]
Short FilmChristine HeinleinFrau [L]

Speaker engagements

YearTitleProject typeActivityClient
2016Giving Back hermit Crabs Their HomesFernsehfilm, DAAI TaiwanSynchronsprecherinprix jeunesse
2016Paper PortFernsehfilm, Zumbastico Studios, ChileSynchronsprecherinprix jeunesse
2016Masr Tobias IslandFernsehfilm, Sat 7 channel ÄgyptenSynchronsprecherinprix jeunesse
2014Shakespeares GeschichtenLesungSprecherinselbst
2013Tausendundeine NachtLesungSprecherinBosco Gauting
2013Es war einmal...Szenische LesungErzählerinLiterarische Hausbesetzung
2012Grimms MärchenSzenische LesungErzählerinLiterarische Hausbesetzung

Other projects

YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
2021 - TodayBook publicationOut into the forest!AuthorDon Bosco Verlag
2020 - TodayYouTube-ChannelCarola BambasstorytellingCarola Bambas
2012 - TodayPerformanceStorytellingstorytellingCarola Bambas
2010 - TodayTheatre directingHoliday workshops for childrenManagementGemeinde Gauting/Pöcking
2017PerformanceElse Schmidt: Z10540- das ist deine NummerTheaterpädagoginVolkstheater/BR/Guardinischule
2016stage playDie VögelTheaterpädagogineigene Produktion
2016PerformanceMärchen in der JurteErzählerinStraßenfest in Pöcking
2016children's theatreDie große KinderkonferenzTheaterpädagoginZirkel für kulturelle Bildung e.V.
2015dramatic readingMärchen in der JurteErzählerinAmmersee Hofladen
2015audio bookKindermärchenSprecherinselbst
2015stage playAuf große FahrtTheaterpädagogineigene Produktion
2014stage playShakespeare geschütteltTheaterpädagogineigene Produktion
2014stage playgeboren 1907- ein deutsches FrauenlebenSchauspielerineigene Regie
2014dramatic readingWORTES.lust- Balladen und mehrSchauspielerineigene Regie
2013stage playDer Rattenfänger von HamelnTheaterpädagogineigene Produktion
2012stage playDie Prinzessin auf der ErbseTheaterpädagogineigene Produktion
2011stage playDornröschenTheaterpädagogineigene Produktion

Basic data

Height167 cm
Body typeslim
Clothing size38
Ethnic appearanceeast european, white central european
Hair colourblond
Hair lengthmedium
Eye colourblue
DialectsHamburgisch, Northern German (Native dialect)
Voice typemezzosoprano
Instrumentshandpanpianotransverse fluteukeleleyembe
Skills (dance)Modern DanceStandard
Skills (sports)skiingswimming
Special skillsSports: Alpine skiing, swimming (national champion)
Music: piano (12 years), flute (10 years)
Dance: standard, latin (tournament), modern
Singing: musical, chanson
professional storyteller
Experience abroadCentral Europe: Czech Republic
LicencesAM - Moped up to 45 km/h [eu], C (truck > 3,5 t) [eu]
Further referencesstoryteller
Nature Resilience Trainer ®
Course leader for forest bathing / mindfulness in the forest ®
Immediate working areaMunich
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Bavaria
Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, Hamburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Rome