Cara Donnellan, assistant to producer, Post Production Assistant, script translator, Cologne
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    About Cara Donnellan

    Cara Donnellan, born in Ireland in 1972, currently works for Molina Film GmbH in Cologne as assistant to the producer. Cara worked as production assistant with Coin Film (2010 to 2015) and during that time assisted in the development, financing, pre-production and post-production of all Coin Film projects including „The Invention of Love“ directed by Lola Randl, and „It’s all so quiet“ directed by Nanouk Leopold. Prior to that she worked in training and further education at the Kölner Filmhaus, as a translator at the International Peace School and as junior producer at Tatfilm, Cologne. Cara took part in the International Producing course at the IFS Cologne 2014/2015, in the Fiction Producer training course at the Kölner Filmhaus 2001/2002 and has a B.A. in German and an M.A. in Film Studies from University College Dublin. She lives in Cologne.

    Projects as assistant to producer

    2019Tatort - LakritzTV-Movie (Series), WDR [de]Randa ChahoudMolina Film
    2019Wolfsland - HeimsuchungTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de]Franziska 'Francis' MeletzkyMolina Film
    2018Wolfsland - Das heilige GrabTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], MDR [de]Franziska 'Francis' MeletzkyMolina Film
    2017Wolfsland - IrrlichterTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], MDR [de]Till FranzenMolina Film
    2017Wolfsland - Der steinerne GastTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], MDR [de]Max ZähleMolina Film
    2017Herrliche ZeitenFeature FilmOskar RoehlerMolina Film
    2017Tatort - Gott ist auch nur ein MenschTV-Movie (Series), WDR [de]Lars JessenMolina Film
    2016Wolfsland - Tief im WaldTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], MDR [de]Tim TrageserMolina Film

    Projects as Post Production Assistant

    2016Milhemet 90 HadakotFeature FilmEyal HalfonGringo Films GmbH [de]Ab Januar 2016

    Projects as script translator

    20177500Feature FilmPatrick Vollrathaugenschein FilmproduktionDE - EN
    2016Chemi bednieri ojakhi / My Happy FamilyFeature FilmMultipleaugenschein FilmproduktionDeutsch-Englisch
    2016Brother JakobDocumentaryElí Roland SachsDokomotive GbRsubtitle translation Englische Untertitel
    2016Fühlen Sie sich manchmal ausgebrannt und leer?Feature FilmLola RandlCOIN FILMDeutsch-Englisch
    2011Jojo und der Fussballgott (3D Kinoteaser)CommercialMultipleDAYWALKER Studios GmbH

    Film projects in other capacities

    2014Der Kuaför aus der KeupstrasseDocumentary Feature, WDR [de]Andreas MausCOIN FILMassistant production manager Coin Film
    2014Die Kleinen und die BösenFeature FilmMarkus SehrCOIN FILMassistant production manager (Coin Film / DE)
    2013NenaFeature FilmSaskia DiesingCOIN FILMassistant production manager (Coin Film / DE)
    2013Iraqi OdysseyDocumentarySamirDschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion [ch]assistant production manager (Coin Film / DE)
    2012SupernovaFeature FilmTamar van den DopCOIN FILMassistant production manager (Coin Film / DE)
    2012Les BrigandsFeature FilmFrank Hoffmann [2]Red Lion Productions Sàrl [lu]assistant production manager (Coin Film / DE)
    2012Boven is het stilFeature FilmNanouk LeopoldCirce Films [nl]assistant production manager (Coin Film / DE)
    2011Die Libelle und das NashornFeature FilmLola RandlCOIN FILMassistant production manager
    2011Die Erfindung der LiebeFeature FilmLola RandlCOIN FILMassistant production manager (Coin Film / DE)
    2011Jojo und der Fussballgott (3D Kinoteaser)CommercialMultipleDAYWALKER Studios GmbHassistant production manager
    2002Gun-ShyFeature Film, arte, BR [de], ZDF [de]Dito TsintsadzeTatfilm Produktionsges. mbH [de]assistant production manager Tatfilm
    2000InvincibleFeature FilmWerner HerzogTatfilm Produktionsges. mbH [de]assistant production manager (Tatfilm / DE)
    2000100 PROFeature FilmSimon VerhoevenTatfilm Produktionsges. mbH [de]assistant production manager Tatfilm
    1999The CrossingFeature FilmNora HoppeTatfilm Produktionsges. mbH [de]assistant production manager Tatfilm / DE
    1999Relative StrangersTV Movie (multi-part), ARD [de], WDR [de]Giles FosterTatfilm Produktionsges. mbH [de]production assistant (Tatfilm / DE)

    Basic data

    NationalityGerman, Irish
    LanguagesEnglish (Native speaker), French (Basic knowledge), German (Fluent)
    Immediate working areaCologne
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia