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Short Film | 2023-2024 | Musical | Germany
The editorial review of this project is not yet completed.

    Brief synopsis

    After a young musician records a video of her own performance, she subsequently finds a second, living self instead of a video, which is trapped in the frame of this video. She sees this as an opportunity to create the perfect second
    self and thus the perfect external perception of herself.


    Director of photographyLuna Zscharnt
    Camera operatorGreta Markurt
    1st assistant cameraTibor Pilz
    2nd assistant cameraJakob Suranovsky
    DirectorKnut Kuhles
    1st AD (local system)Ron Jäger
    VFX editorQuirin Thalhammer
    GafferPauline Cemeris
    Best boy electricQuirin Thalhammer
    ProducerKnut Kuhles
    Production designerJohannes Bauer [1]
    Production managerSören Finkbeiner
    ScreenwriterKnut Kuhles
    Production sound mixerIlja Morgenstern
    Sound mastering engineerJan B. Meister
    Sound designerJan B. Meister

    Production companies

    Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG) [de]


    Sound (Postproduction)Kunstkopf Studios