Feature Film | 2010-2011 | Spain

Main data

DirectorMaru Solores
Written byMaru Solores, Ruth Rehmet (co-writer)
ProductionBasquefilms S.L. [es]

Shooting data

Number of shooting days32
LocationsBilbao und Umgebung

Project data

Length of movie90
Picture formatWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
Picture material negativeHD

    Brief synopsis

    Ane, a blind girl on the threshold of the puberty, discovers photography and first love at the hands of her uncle Antonio, an enigmatic photographer who returns after a long time to the family house where they are spending the summer. Overprotected by her parents, who are desperately intent on operating her time and again hoping to get her sight back, and marginalized by the other adolescents, Ane captures with her camera things that nobody wants to see and which throw a new light on the family life. Finally, disillusioned by the adults, Ane has to tread her own path as an adolescent and as a blind.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Joxean BengoetxeaKoldo [L]
    Leire BerrocalLuisa [L]
    Víctor ClavijoTío Antonio [L]
    Jacqueline DuarteAne [SR]
    Pello MadariagaImanol [SR]


    Director of photographyFrank Amann
    DirectorMaru Solores
    EditorJuan Ortuoste
    ElectricianMoritz von Dungern
    ScreenwriterMaru Solores
    Co-writerRuth Rehmet

    Production companies

    Basquefilms S.L. [es]