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Call My Agent!

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    TV Series | Episodes 13-18 | 2018 | France 2 [fr] | Comedy | France

    Shooting data

    Start of shooting15.01.2018
    End of shooting24.04.2018


    Brief synopsis

    In season 2, Hicham, new brutal and invading boss, burst into ASK. This season, our agents are rebelling! Andrea and Gabriel foment a possible departure in secret, while Mathias sharpens his weapons to win at the head of ASK. Continuing to juggle frantically between private and professional life, our agents will test their bonds of friendship and solidarity … And it is risking the explosion that they will realize how much they need some of the other.

    (source: Festival de la Fiction TV de La Rochelle 2018)


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Camille CottinAndréa Martel [SS]
    Thibault de MontalembertMathias Barneville [SS]
    Liliane RovèreArlette Azémar [SS]
    Assaâd BouabHicham Janowski [SS]
    Fanny SidneyCamille Valentini [SS]
    Laure CalamyNoémie Leclerc [SS]
    Nicolas MauryHervé André-Jezack [SS]
    Stéfi CelmaSophia Leprince [SS]
    Grégory MontelGabriel Sarda [SS]Mark Kuhn
    Jean DujardinJean Dujardin - Episode 1 [GS]
    Monica BellucciMonica Bellucci - Episode 2 [GS]
    Gérard LanvinGérard Lanvin - Episode 3 [GS]
    Isabelle HuppertIsabelle Huppert - Episode 4 [GS]
    Béatrice DalleBéatrice Dalle - Episode 5 [GS]
    Gabrielle ForestHelene Kerr [SSR]Dana Geissler
    Alka BalbirLa jeune comédienne [SRE]Diana Marie Müller
    Nadège Beaussori-DiagneL'agent immobilier [SRE]Diana Marie Müller
    Kostümbildnerin [BP]Yasmin Ott
    Juliette [BP]Henriette Fridoline Schmidt


    Director of photographyAntoine Roch
    1st assistant cameraPrune Saunier-Dardant
    Casting directorConstance Demontoy
    DirectorAntoine GarceauEpisodes 1,3 & 5
    DirectorMarc FitoussiEpisodes 2, 4 & 6
    EditorCatherine Schwartz
    ComposerLoïc Dury
    ComposerChristophe Minck
    Music supervisorVarda Kakon
    ProducerDominique BesnehardMon Voisin Productions
    ProducerMichel FellerMon Voisin Productions
    ProducerHarold ValentinMother Productions
    ProducerAurélien LargerMother Productions
    Production designerLaurent Avoyne
    Location scoutFlorence Gatineau-Bex
    Unit production managerMichel Mintrot
    Assistant location managerLaurent Pascaud
    Production assistantErwan Hienard
    CreatorFanny Herrero
    ScreenwriterFanny Herrero
    ScreenwriterBenjamin Dupas
    IdeaDominique Besnehard
    IdeaMichel Vereecken
    IdeaJulien Messemackers
    Production sound mixerCyril Moisson

    Production companies

    Mon Voisin Productions [fr]
    Mother Productions [fr]


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Antoine Garceau2018Festival de la Fiction TV de La Rochelle [fr]Compétition françaiseNominated
    Marc Fitoussi2018Festival de la Fiction TV de La Rochelle [fr]Compétition françaiseNominated