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C3 Creative Code and Content: Production Company
  • Production Company


Peter Kasza
Heiligegeistkirchplatz 110178  BerlinGermany
Mobile+49 151 538007607
Phone+49 89 2070041043
Phone 2+49 30 440320

    About C3 Creative Code and Content

    Creating what matters – we make brands a relevant part of customers’ lives. Over 550 employees develop and implement content marketing solutions, with measurable impact. C3 combines creativity, content and technology, uniting all aspects of cutting-edge marketing under one roof, from strategy and concept, to content creation, technology and platform competence, to marketing intelligence, channels and performance. C3 is the leading European content marketing agency with offices in Berlin, Munich, London, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Prague and Ljubljana, and an international network of partners.

    Movies as production

    2023VW - We drive Football 2023CommercialBabette Kavka
    2022VW - Spekulatius-Talk zur WMShowBabette Kavka
    2022Volkswagen AG - We drive Football (WT)CommercialDirk Soldner
    2022Bayer – Healthy AgingCommercialPeter Kasza
    2022VW - Best of Frauenfussball (NOT RELEASED) (WT)CommercialAnica Schwarzer
    2022O2 - Unboxing Extreme. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G gewinnenCommercialMichael Halberstadt
    2022O2 - Beyond The O. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)CommercialBella Meyer
    2022Burda - ZionskircheCommercialMultiple
    2022Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Gesundheit und Pflege - OrganspendeausweisCommercialDaniel Czepelczauer
    2022Audi e-tron GT - Felix Neureuther. Darum setze ich auf E-MobilitätCommercialGraeme Fordham
    2022IKK Classic - Alltagshelden. Das Leben mit der Depression meisternCommercialBella Meyer
    2022VW - Frauen spielen Fußball. #KeinFrauenfußballCommercialBella Meyer
    2021Hooray - Here we are!Corporate FilmDirk Soldner
    2021Cariad - Magic isn’t just for christmasCommercialClaudia Dankert
    2021Volkswagen - We drive FootballCommercialDirk Soldner
    2020Deutsche Bank - FyrstCommercialSimone Gutberlet
    2020Deutsche Bahn - Compliance (intern)Corporate FilmDirk Soldner
    2020Die Techniker - PsychohygieneWeb MagazineMultiple
    2020Die Techniker - Quarterlife-CrisisWeb MagazineMultiple
    2020Continental - Because you careCommercialMichael Halberstadt


    Branch offices

    • Berlin
      Heiligegeistkirchplatz 110178  BerlinGermany
      Phone:+49 30 440320
      Fax:+49 30 4403220
    • Munich
      Arabellastraße 281925  MünchenGermany
      Phone:+49 89 2070004-0

    Company data

    Experience abroadNorth America: USA
    Northern Europe: Iceland
    South Africa: South Africa
    Southern Europe: Spain
    West Asia: Turkey, United Arab Emirates
    Western Europe: United Kingdom
    Date of company foundation2003
    Permanent employees250
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin
    Branch offices: Berlin, Munich