Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2017Death WishFeature FilmPaul Kersey [L]
    2017Once upon a time in VeniceFeature FilmSteve [L]
    2015MaraudersFeature FilmHubert [L]
    2012A Good Day To Die HardFeature FilmJohn McClane [L]
    2012Red 2Feature FilmFrank Moses [L]
    2012Fire with Fire (DVD)TV MovieMike Cella [L]
    2011LooperFeature FilmOlder Joe [L]Manfred Lehmann
    2010REDFeature FilmFrank Moses [L]Manfred Lehmann
    2010The Cold Light of DayFeature FilmMartin [L]
    2006GrindhouseFeature FilmMuldoon [L]
    2004Sin CityFeature FilmHartigan [SR]Manfred Lehmann
    2003Tears of the SunFeature FilmLieutenant A.K. Waters [L]
    2001Hart's WarFeature FilmCol. William A. McNamara [L]
    1998ArmageddonFeature FilmHarry Stamper [L]Manfred Lehmann
    1997The Fifth ElementFeature FilmKorben Dallas [L]Manfred Lehmann
    1994Nobody´s Fool / Un homme presque parfaitFeature FilmCarl Roebuck [L]
    1993Pulp FictionFeature FilmButch Coolidge [L]Manfred Lehmann
    1991The PlayerFeature FilmBruce Willis [SR]