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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2023Borkum - Mehr als nur eine InselCorporate Filmdirector
    2022Got2b - Styling FavoritenCommercialdirector
    2021Tricky - Lonely GuestMusic Videoeditor
    2021K.I.Z - Rap über HassMusic Videoproducer
    2021K.I.Z - Rap über HassMusic Videodirector
    2019Diesel - Fight your DemonCommercialproducer
    2019Mercedes Benz - S.O.SCommercialproducer
    2018VSK - Schönen guten TagMusic Videodirector
    2018Nord Nord Muzikk - HexehMusic Videodirector
    2016Call The Boys (Testimonial) (WT)
    Teaser (Series Concept), RTL Zwei [de]1st assistant cameraB-Kamera
    2016Swisscom - Mobile Calls Kills Suspense (WT)Commercial1st assistant camera
    2016Pictures - Down under the HillMusic Video1st AD (local system)
    2015Mercedes AMG - One Man, One EngineCommercial1st assistant camera
    2014Blind & Lame - Come a little closerMusic Videodirector
    2014Mach One - SchlafliedMusic Videodirector of photography
    2013Stille (WT)Short Filmunit manager (local system)
    2011Ein schmaler GratFeature Filmadditional photography
    2011Tatort Ausland - Mord im ParadiesDocumentary Series, RTL Zwei [de]director of photography
    2011Ungeklärte Morde - Dem Täter auf der SpurDocumentary Series, RTL Zwei [de]director of photography
    2009Max Herre - ScherbenMusic Videoassistant production manager