Black Stones | © Usama Ghanoum
© Usama Ghanoum
Documentary | 2012-2016 | Society, War | Egypt, Germany, Syria

Project data

Length of movie48 Min.

    Brief synopsis

    The film takes place in the sieged neighborhoods of the Syrian city of Homs, in the period between early 2012 and late 2013. The film focuses specifically on the field hospital. Within the film we see several facets of the day to day life, including, the daily movements and commutes of people amid the on going bombardments, and how the injured are being treated in the field hospital. The film also shows us the other side of the daily life, the smiles and the jokes and how people normalized the everyday bombings.

    (Quelle: doxbox)


    DirectorUsama Ghanoum
    EditorAnnette Muff
    Additional editorJessica Ehlebracht
    Sound designerJochen Jezussek

    Production companies

    Doc Box [de]co-production
    Usama Ghanoum Production [sy/eg]