Beyond the White

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    Documentary | 2018-2020 | Docu, Nature-Environment, Society | Germany
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    Brief synopsis

    Three villages combined in one timeless space somewhere beyond the polar circle. On the Kola peninsula in Northern Russia, a few dozen people still live in their traditional timber houses surrounded by water, stone and sand. Nature provides for them, mainly the White sea. Fewer people want to stay; many move to the city, leaving behind their homes. Over time these houses turn into spectres from the past, ownerless and lonely ruins that only spring back to life by playing grandchildren, visiting their grandparents. The hamlets Tetrino, Chavanga and Kuzomen seem to head toward the fate of so many other villages all over Russia: a slow but inevitable extinction. Cut off from vital infrastructure, almost forgotten by regional governance, these people have to cope with their everyday struggle.


    Title designerAlexey Lachinov
    ColoristJohannes Röckl
    ColoristEvgeny Kalachikhin
    DI digital intermediate supervisorPaul AndexelARRI Media Berlin
    Director of photographyAleksandra Medianikova
    1st assistant cameraGleb Prokhorov
    DirectorEvgeny Kalachikhin
    1st AD (local system)Lev Mirkin
    Script supervisorValeriya Bykova
    EditorEvgeny Kalachikhin
    EditorNina Bärmann
    EditorAlexey Prokhorov
    ComposerDilyara Gabitova
    OrchestratorCarl Ludwig Wetzig
    Music editorCarl Ludwig Wetzig
    Music coordinatorAleksandr Shakirovin Russland
    MusicianEugene SubbotinVioline, Viola
    MusicianUliana ZhdanovVioline, Zhdanov-Konzerte
    MusicianDilyara GabitovaKlavier
    MusicianDenis ZhdanovCello, Zhdanov-Konzerte
    MusicianOleg BoykoGitarre
    MusicianKonstantin EfimovFlöte
    MusicianAisa TenGesang
    MusicianAndrey DegtyarevGesang
    MusicianSergei LaptevGesang
    ProducerNina Bärmann
    Graphic artistAlexey LachinovPoster Design
    Graphic artistKatja MargulisPoster Design
    Production driverArtur Dvinin
    Production driverAndrey Krivonogov
    Production driverDmitri Shumilov
    Production driverPiotr Kozhin
    Production driverIgor Pirogov
    Production driverAlexey Karyshev
    Production driverAlexey Chernyshov
    ScreenwriterAnastasia Gorokhova
    Subtitle translationAnastasia Gorokhova
    Subtitle translationIrina Hirshle
    Subtitle translationEkaterina Shubnaya
    Sound supervisorDima Grishkov
    Sound re-recording mixerMathias Maydl
    Music re-recording mixerPeter Fuchs [1]
    Music recording mixerManuel Braun [1]in Deutschland
    Music recording mixerIvan Krasikovin Russland
    Music recording mixerNikita Doroshenkoin Russland
    Assistant to sound re-recording mixerJulian Riegl
    Sound designerDima Grishkov
    Foley editorFedor Onufriyev
    Foley artistMaria Rassokhina
    Foley artistAlina Aleksandrova
    Foley artistArtem Gaponenko
    Foley artistAlfiya Sakirova
    Commissioning editorRoman GadasSocial Media Redaktion

    Production companies

    Nina Bärmann Produktion [de]


    Cameras and UtilitiesDemian RosliakovARRI Alexa Plus inkl. Objektive und Zubehör
    EquipmentDima Grishkov [ru]Tonzubehör in 5.1
    EquipmentBlack Forest Collective GmbHTonzubehör
    Film Processing/TransfersARRI Media GmbHColorgrading
    Sound (Postproduction)SWR Südwestrundfunk / Studio FreiburgMusikaufnahme Deutschland
    Sound (Postproduction)ARRI Media GmbHFilmmischung
    Sound (Postproduction)Gigant Record [ru]Musikaufnahme Russland
    Sound (Postproduction)Studio Flysound [ru]Filmvormischung
    Subtitles / Audio descriptionEclectic Translation [uk/ru]Abspann Redaktion