Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Monokel Berlin - Random Act in a SuitCommercialdirector
    2019Nosoyo - GlitterMusic Videodirector
    2019Leslie Clio - Take it easyMusic Videodirector
    2019Leslie Clio - PerfidiaMusic Videodirector
    2019Leslie Clio - The Clapping SongMusic Videodirector
    2018Leslie Clio - HomeMusic Videodirector
    2017John Frieda Shampoo - LockenliebeCommercialdirector
    2016Something Like ThatIndie Feature Filmcasting director
    2016Dena - Freaking OutMusic Videodirector
    2010Empire Me - Der Staat bin ich!Documentary, arte, ZDF [de]assistant to director