Behrooz Karamizade, director, editor, director of photography, Berlin
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    About Behrooz Karamizade

    Behrooz Karamizade works as a freelance director, editor and DOP in Berlin and in Kassel. He was born in Ahwaz (Iran) in 1978. In 1984 his family emigrated to former Soviet Union and since 1985 he is living in Germany.
    In 2005 he started his academic studies at Kunsthochschule Kassel in the field Visual Communication specializing in Film and Television.He participated in over 200 film festivals with his short films and won several prizes, including International Filmfestival Rotterdam, Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen and Montreal World Film Festival. His graduation film BAHAR IN WONDERLAND participated in over 150 film festivals and won 20 prizes like the GERMAN HUMAN RIGHTS FILM PRIZE.

    Projects as editor

    2013Bahar im WunderlandShort FilmBehrooz KaramizadeNUR film group, Karamizade & Möllenkamp [de]
    2010Salam Aleikum Alemagne (WT)DocumentaryBehrooz KaramizadeLPP Living Pictures Production GbR [de]
    2008To be a Child in IranShort DocumentaryBehrooz KaramizadeBehrooz Karamizade Produktion

    Film projects in other capacities

    2010Alles über MenschenShort FilmGiorgi AbashishviliLPP Living Pictures Production GbR [de]co-writer
    2007Berufsgenossenschaft Gartenbau - Jojo (WT)Corporate FilmMiriam SteenKunsthochschule Kassel [de]1st AD (local system)
    2006Little AnnabelleShort FilmOlaf SaumerKunsthochschule Kassel [de]set manager/ floor manager

    Film awards

    2015Bahar im WunderlandFestival Cinéma et Droits Humains [fr]Short Film CompetitionWinner
    2015Bahar im WunderlandJVC Tokyo Video Festival [jp]Selected AwardWinner
    2015Bahar im WunderlandNW Short Film Festival [ca]Best Film Best Drama FilmWinner
    2015Bahar im WunderlandBamberger KurzfilmtageCompetition, GermanyNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandLichter FilmfestShort film Competition, GermanyWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandInt. Festival of Films for Children and Young AdulBest Intl. Shortfilm AwardWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandUni Shorts Film Festival [nz]Best Undergraduate FictionWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandLucania Film Festival [it]Best FilmWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandSettimo Senso Film Festival [it]Prize for The Best Foreign FilmWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandMalescorto - Int. short film festival [it]Special Award for Artistic ContentWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandFestival de Cinema de Girona [es]Special MentionWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandBrescello Film Festival [it]Special AcknowledgementWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandSamyak International Short Film Festival [in]Best Short FilmWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandInt. Film and TV Festival Detective [ru]Nominees DiplomaWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandReggio Film Festival [it]Special MentionWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandCa' Foscari Short Film Festival [it]Special Award VoluminaWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandKasseler Dokumentarfilm- und VideofestCompetition, GermanyNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandKyiv International Short Film Festival [uk]Germany Shorts NightNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandChicago Int'l Children's Film Festival [us]Official SelectionNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandEdinburgh Int. Film FestivalOfficial SelectionNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandPalm Springs International Film Festival [us]Official SelectionNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandZlín Film FestivalInt’l Student Film Competition “Zlín dog”Nominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandTIFF Kids International Film FestivalCourageous DreamersNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandBuff Filmfestival, Malmö [se]Int’l CompetitionNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandSan Sebastian Human Rights FilmfestivalShort Film CompetitionNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandScences Int. Debut Film Festival [nl]Dutch Golden StoneNominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandDeutscher Menschenrechts FilmpreisBildungWinner
    2014Bahar im WunderlandFilmschoolfest MunichProgram 7Nominated
    2014Bahar im WunderlandNorthern Wave IFF [is]Official SelectionWinner
    2013Bahar im WunderlandMontreal World Film FestivalFocus on World CinemaNominated
    2010PackingGoldener Spatz 2010KinderjuryNominated
    2010To be a Child in Iran8. International Documentary Film Festival CRONOGRSpezialpreis der Hyde Park AssociationWinner
    2009Murche (WT)49. Int. Shortfilmfestival BRNO SIXTEENInternational CompetitionNominated
    2009Murche (WT)IFFR - Int. Filmfestival Rotterdam [nl]Spectrum ShortsNominated
    2009Murche (WT)Internt. Festival of Muslim‘s cinema [ru]International CompetitionNominated
    2009PackingIFFR - Int. Filmfestival Rotterdam [nl]Spectrum ShortsNominated
    2009PackingInt. Kurzfilmtage OberhausenKinder und JugendwettbewerbNominated
    2009PackingOulu International Children‘s Film Festival [fi]ShortNominated
    2009To be a Child in IranShowcomotion Sheffield [uk]International FilmsNominated
    2009To be a Child in IranIntl. 1001 Documantary Filmfestival [tr]International CompetitionNominated
    2009To be a Child in Iran20. Girona Film FestivalInternational CompetitionNominated
    2009To be a Child in IranRundgang Kunsthochschule KasselPreis des HochschulbundesWinner
    2008To be a Child in Iran32. Duisburger FilmwocheDOXS - ab 6 - XSNominated
    2008To be a Child in IranInt. Cinematographers‘ Film Festival SkopjeDocumantaryNominated
    2008To be a Child in IranCurta Cinema Int. Short Film Festival [br]International CompetitionNominated
    2008To be a Child in Iran25. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & VideofestGoldener HerkulesNominated
    2008To be a Child in IranDIEFF Delhi Intern. Ethnographic Filmfestival [in]Open SectionNominated
    2007Murche (WT)Deutsche Filmbewertung und Medienbewertung FBWPrädikat WertvollWinner

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish German Persian / Farsi
    Experience abroadMiddle East: Iran
    Eastern Europe: Belarus
    Central Asia: Georgia
    Immediate working areaBerlin
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
    2nd residence (where applicablen)Kassel
    Accommodation possibilitiesCologne, Teheran