Beauty and the Beast

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    Feature Film | 2012-2014 | Fantasy | France, Germany


    Brief synopsis

    1810. After losing all of his ships at sea, a ruined merchant is forced into exile in the countryside with his six children. Among them is Belle, his youngest daughter, a joyful girl full of grace and charm. One day, on an arduous journey, the merchant stumbles on the magical realm of the Beast, who condemns him to death for stealing a rose. Feeling responsible for the terrible fate that has befallen her family, Belle offers herself up in her father’s place. But at the Beast’s castle, it is not death that awaits her, but a strange life in which moments of enchantment are mingled with joy and sadness. Every evening at dinner time, Belle and the Beast sit down together. At first like strangers with nothing in common, they slowly discover one another. While Belle must reject his amorous advances, she tries to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Beast and his realm. When night falls, fragments of the Beast’s life are revealed to her in dreams, and she discovers a tragic story in which this lonely and ferocious Beast was once a stately prince. Armed with her courage to overcome countless dangers, Belle opens her heart and manages to release the Beast from his curse. In doing so, she discovers true love.


    Production accountantNina Büttner
    Assistant production accountantMelanie HeiseCashier 2013
    Assistant production accountantDanny Märtin
    CashierRabeah Hinrichsbis 11.01.2013
    1st ADMatthieu de la Mortière
    1st ADThierry Mauvoisin
    2nd ADNatalie Beer
    2nd ADRonny Bregulla2nd Unit - last 2 weeks
    3rd ADTommy Kreiselmaier
    AD PAHanna Klumppadditional
    AD PAAndreas Simon [1]
    AD PALorenz Michael Vögel
    Vfx supervisorLouis Morin
    3d character animatorMilad Mesof
    Director of photographyChristophe Beaucarne
    2nd unit dopJörg Widmer
    Camera operatorLeah Striker
    1st assistant cameraAlexander SachariewAdd. B-Cam A+B Unit
    1st assistant cameraLars RichterB-cam
    1st assistant cameraLuc Peletier
    2nd assistant cameraWon-Suk Park
    2nd assistant cameraFlorian SchwarzB-Cam+2nd Unit
    2nd assistant cameraKarl KeilDaily Crew
    DIT digital imaging technicianBert WillerVertretung 14 DT 1st Unit
    DIT digital imaging technicianStephan SchöbelB-Unit 13DT F65/Codex/Epic
    DIT digital imaging technicianChristian KußF65 Raw - 2nd Unit
    DIT digital imaging technicianTimo Andert
    Data wrangler / digital loaderSamuel AndertSony F65
    Video assist/playback operatorEddi Handschak
    Still photographerAnne Wilk
    Still photographerSebastian Siebel
    Camera traineeMax Funkat/2. Kameraassistent 5DT
    Casting directorSimone BärGermany
    Costume designerPierre-Yves Gayraud
    Costume supervisorBettina Seifert
    Costume department coordinatorThomas den Haan
    WardrobeLisa SpenglerCast
    WardrobeTheresa Anna LutherKB:PierreYves GayraudLéa Seydoux, a.o.
    WardrobeAlexandra StähleCast&Stunts/KB:Pierre-Yves Gayraud
    WardrobeJekaterina Herrmannextrafittings, extras, stunts
    Additional wardrobeKatharina Drescher
    Additional wardrobeAnja Lafin
    Additional wardrobeClaudia Gonschorek
    Additional wardrobeSusanne Stroh
    Additional wardrobeAnna-Katharina Eck
    Additional wardrobeKatja Willecke4 Tage
    Additional wardrobePola Kardum
    Additional wardrobeCapucine Landreauhistorisch 2. Unit
    Costume interpreterChristian KratzertParis+Babelsberg
    Costume interpreterManja Beneke
    DirectressJeanette ApelBallkleider
    TailorKatrin Koboldhist.Anf.Hauptca.+Lederanf.
    TailorAntje Wiedemann
    TailorIngrid Görgen
    TailorSabine Otto
    TailorBeate TheinAnfertigungen Belle u.Princess
    TailorJenny Dechêne
    TailorFranka EhretMitarbeit in der Werkstatt
    Costume dyeingJan DieckmannKB : Pierre - Yves Gayraud
    Costume patinationYoujin Seoadditional
    Costume design traineeDorothea Kulhawy
    DirectorChristophe Gans
    2nd AD crowd (local system)Clement Inglesiakis
    3rd AD crowd (local system)Jan Boehme2nd Unit Add.
    Script supervisorNancy RivasScript supervisor 2nd Unit
    Script supervisorSonja Zoe Simijonovic1st Unit
    Script supervisorSilke Engelhardt2nd Unit ab Mitte Dezember 2012
    Actor coachJens RothDrehvorbereitung Y.Catterfeld
    Extras coordinatorJan Filkorn
    Extras coordinatorBianca Uliczka
    EditorSébastien Prangère
    Assistant editorEtienne Assistant Editor
    Assistant editorThomas DavidAdditional Assistant Editor
    VFX editorMarkus HagemeierScanlineVFX
    Key/dolly gripHans HellnerBest boy grip 2nd unit
    Key/dolly gripElmar SuskaBest Boy Grip
    Key/dolly gripJan Brun2nd unit, addtl. dolly grip
    Key/dolly gripMichael Müller [4]
    Key/dolly gripHeiko Klimenkomain unit grip
    Key/dolly gripJan Hagen2nd Unit Zusatz
    Grip assistantPaolo SanzaniZusatz 1.unit
    Grip assistantJerome Lauer
    Grip assistantMatthieu RousseauxZusatz 1st Unit
    Grip assistantCamilo SottolichioZusatz Grip 1st Unit
    Crane operatorChristian Bernutz2nd Unit Cranes&Heads
    Crane operatorHannes StaehleSuperscorpio 30/23
    GafferBjörn Susen
    GafferJanosch Voss2ndUnit Gaffer / DOP: Jörg Widmer
    Best boyHolger Lehnau
    Best boyAlexander Jung [2]
    Rigging gafferDietmar Haupt
    Dimmer board operatorAnton Meister
    Lighting technician / electricianVolker Vahl2. Unit
    Lighting technician / electricianPhilipp Lange
    Lighting technician / electricianTilo Glawe
    Lighting technician / electricianCarsten KlockowRigging
    Lighting technician / electricianDaniel Zeitler
    Lighting technician / electricianPhilip Fleischer1. Unit
    Lighting technician / electricianOliver Kühne
    Additional electricianRouven Schardt1st Unit & 2nd Unit
    Additional electricianFlow Jean-Louisund 2013
    Additional electricianDavid Horn2.Unit Zusatz
    Additional electricianMaximilian Linus Dreusch
    Additional electricianSascha Görlich2nd Unit
    Balloon light operatorChristian SaalfeldBalloonlight Supervisor
    Balloon light operatorWolfgang Krautter
    Balloon light operatorHarald Geltl
    Balloon light operatorBenjamin Lottes
    Lighting assistantStephan Große2nd Unit
    Lighting assistantErik Wenndorfreplacement/additional
    Lighting assistantMarkus Kochzusatz
    Makeup artist / hair stylistKatja Schulze [1]historisch Renaissance & Empire
    Makeup artist / hair stylistEmilia Grund
    Additional make up artistAndrea Pirchner& Perückenanfertigung Cast/ Crowd
    Additional make up artistJulia Böhmhist. 1550 + fitting
    Additional make up artistSusi Bär
    Additional make up artistMareike SaßCrowd + 2nd Unit
    Additional make up artistAnna Sophie EvenkampCast and extras - historisch
    Additional make up artistJudith MüllerCrowd/Perückenanfertigung Cast
    Additional make up artistKathleen Asmusshistorisch
    Additional make up artistHanna Hackbeil
    Additional make up artistKatharina Rebecca ThiemeBartanfertigungen
    Additional make up artistHeike Eger
    Key makeup artist/hair stylistJens BartramHead make-up/ Wigs
    Fx makeup artistTamar Aviv
    Fx makeup artistJörn Seifert
    Fx makeup artistMartin Schäper
    Wig makerJudith Müller
    Wig makerHeike Egerhistorisch
    Wig makerJulia Böhmfür Jens Bartram
    Wig makerMareike Saßfür Jens Bartram
    Wig makerAndrea Pirchnerfür Jens Bartram
    Makeup traineeTopsy Liane Schreiber
    Makeup traineeJulia Grieshaber
    ComposerAlexandre Desplat
    ComposerPierre Adenot
    Delegate producerRichard Grandpierre
    Associate producerFlorian Genetet-Morel
    Associate producerVivien Aslanian
    Associate producerDaniel Marquet
    Assistant to producerMarie Wildenhain
    Production designerThierry Flamand
    Art directorAndreas OlshausenSupervising
    Assistant art directorStephanie Raß
    Set decoratorErnestine Hipper
    Set decoratorBernhard Henrich
    Set decoratorSimon BoucherieNur Vorbereitung
    Art department assistantMarc Fielk
    Concept artistFrançois Baranger
    Concept artistPeter Popken
    Prop masterSascha StrutzSet Dec Buyer
    Prop masterAlex LambrievProp Master
    Standby propsAndreas Huschke
    Standby propsMarie-Charlotte Matthäi2nd Unit
    Set dresserChristoph BaumstiegerZusatz
    Set dresserKlaus Eckmann
    Set dresserTilla HensoldZusatz
    Set dresserChristoph LankschSenior Dresser
    Set dresserDaniel Brodt
    Set dresserUlrike Eversmeier
    Set dresserStefan Sellin"GREENS" i. A. von SET-LAND
    Set dresserRalf ChurfürstZusatz
    Art department coordinatorCathleen Hoffmann
    Set decoration coordinatorAlexander Frühbrodt& Props
    Assistant to propmaster /- buyerSebastian SchulzProp Buyer
    Assistant to propmaster /- buyerTabea SchweigerProp Master Assistant
    Assistent stand by propmanKay Schilling2nd Unit
    Assistent stand by propmanJutta Lilli Erasin2nd Unit
    Assistent stand by propmanMelanie Peter
    Greens personFelix Otthistorisch
    Greens personSandra Wortmann
    Greens personNobuyuki Takayama
    Greens personJule BünscheRosen
    Greens personChristian Alexander Klempertlead greensman
    Greens personTino Knoche3 Wochen Zusatz
    Greens personBarbara JägerHOD Greenery
    Greens personDaniele DrobnyLeading
    Floral artistUte Feuerstacke
    Location scoutThomas Lauterkorn
    Set builderBrita HofmannHOD Oberflächen
    Set builderNadin MeyerConstruction Buyer
    Set builderMartin Lutomski
    Stand by set builderLars Dicht2. Unit
    Stand by set builderMatthias Prange
    Stand by set builderRoman Bergercrew B
    Draughtsman/set designerKatja Fischer
    Draughtsman/set designerLaura BachSet Designer
    Draughtsman/set designerMichael Fissneider
    Draughtsman/set designerTarnia NicolSET DESIGNER
    Draughtsman/set designerMichael LiebSet Designer
    Draughtsman/set designerPatrick Herzberg
    Scenic painterSiguna Wiehr
    Scenic painterDiego García Ahrendt
    Scenic painterKadi FastSet Dec. Painter
    Scenic painterWolfgang Painter
    Scenic painterMarian Handrack
    Scenic painterDominik Reindlfür Ernestine Hipper
    SculptorTobias Schroeter
    SculptorMartin Dormann
    SculptorUrsula Linke
    SculptorCindy Schnitter
    SculptorMarkus 'Xaver' Steinberger
    SculptorOliver Arndt
    SculptorAlessandro Emilio La RoccaHoD Sculptor
    SculptorGunnar ZimmerHoD Sculptor
    SculptorMichaela Möller
    SculptorChris Rossa+ Set Decoration
    SculptorSusanna Jerger
    Prop builderAlexander Friedrich [1]
    Prop builderRobert Wiesnerpropshop Babelsberg
    Prop builderHenri Grundmold maker
    Prop builderAxel Scholz [1]
    Prop builderKatharina HafermaasPropbuilder and Paintress
    Prop builderSimon WeisseSupervisor
    Food stylistUlla Killing
    Graphic artistAlina Spiekermannfür Set Dec Ernestine Hipper
    Graphic artistNele-Tabea Reineke
    Prop handKerstin LehmannLedermanufaktur
    Property driverMartin Müller [1]property driver
    Property driverPatrick Wiethoffset decoration shopper
    Art department traineeJohanna WagnerPROPS
    Art department traineeFriederike RoolfSet Dec + 1 Monat 2nd Set Dec Ass.
    Line producerJasmina Torbati
    Line producerFrédéric Doniguian
    Senior stage managerMichael GuthkeStudiol. Studio Babelsberg AG
    Post production supervisorDoris Yoba
    Production coordinatorDoris EdwardsVorbereitung Juli - Sept 2012
    Production coordinatorSteffen Hagen2nd Unit
    Assistant production managerMarcel Lattke
    Assistant production managerVera Maria Jung
    Unit managerJan EnderleinUnit Manager 1st Unit
    Unit managerKathrin Krückebergunit manager: 2nd Unit
    Location managerMichaela Haupt
    Set manager/ floor managerMario WittmannSet Manager 2nd Unit
    Set manager/ floor managerDaniel Pfennigstorfsetmanager 1. unit
    Assistant location managerAndré Schmidt [1]
    Assistant location managerPierre Eisenhut
    Assistant location managerMaximilian Fenner
    Assistant set/floor managerEnrico ReineckePA
    Set runnerPatrick Rupprecht/Zusatz/1st & 2nd Unit/Berlin
    Production driverBenjamin Reil
    Production driverDaniel HuhnCast Driver
    Production driverMirko Reichwald
    Production driverIlja Kloppenburg2nd Unit Driver
    Production driverCarsten Uhlig
    Production driverRené Janicke
    Personal driverAndreas SchumacherLea Seydoux
    ScreenwriterSandra Vo-Anh
    ScreenwriterChristophe Gans
    Script translatorNoémie CausseFR->DE
    Production sound mixerEtienne Haug2nd Unit
    Production sound mixerRoland Winke
    Boom operatorThomas Wallis
    Special effects technicianKlaus MielichSFX tech & crew co-ordinator
    Special effects technicianJens Dunkelat The Nefzers
    Creature designerPatrick Tatopoulos
    Assistant stunt coordinatorSandra Barger
    Stuntman/womanOliver Juhrs
    Stuntman/womanKim RuhnauReit-und Stuntdouble Lea Seydoux (Belle)
    Stuntman/womanAnja MavaddatStunt Double Myriam Charleins
    Stuntman/womanMike MöllerHenchman
    Stuntman/womanThomas Hacikoglu
    Stuntman/womanBernhard SchirmerDouble Merchant
    Stuntman/womanJames Bomalick
    Stuntman/womanMichael BornhütterHenchman
    Stuntman/womanMarco AlbrechtDouble, Vincent Cassel
    Stuntman/womanKristoffer Fussridig double Mickey Hardt
    Stunt riderChristian Döbler
    Stunt riderIlian SimeonowDouble Maxime über Buff
    Stunt riderAntonia JaußReitdouble Lea Seydoux
    Stunt riderZsolt SeraFür Buff-Connection GmbH
    Stunt riggerSascha Girndt
    Stunt riggerPiet PaesCam-Car
    Stunt riggerWanja Götz
    Stunt rescue diverFred Hady
    Horse trainerAntonia Jauß
    Horse wranglerRené Layfür Buff Connection GmbH

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    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Christophe Gans2014European Film AwardsPeople's Choice AwardNominated


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFranceW9 [fr]Sunday, 09/08/2020, 9.05 PM


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 01/05/2014
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 12/02/2014