Report (Series) | 2019 | MDR [de] | Germany

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    Does one look at a place that, in a big way, is where world history has taken place? Is this inscribed in its aura? The Monday demonstrations began in the Nikolai Church in Leipzig in 1989 with the prayers for peace. Thirty years later, the Viennese artist Victoria Coeln has illuminated this place in a new light, using light as an artistic means to reflect the meaning of a space. "For me, light is a means that has both qualities. The metaphorical as well as the actual making visible," says Coeln. "When we shape light, we actually shape the visibility of the world and reality. And that's an approach that's very important to me."
    (MDR culture magazine artour )


    Director of photographyThomas Beckmann
    DirectorNancy Brandt

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    Nancy Brandt Film [de]