TV Series | Episodes 1-8 | 2018 | Movistar+ [es] | Period, Tragicomedy | Spain

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Franco’s Madrid in the early 1960s. Ana Mari is a loyal, conservative soul who teaches young ladies how to be good housewives and mothers. When she is asked to work at Ava Gardner’s to spy on her for the government, she doesn’t think twice. But there’s a catch to the job; she and Ava’s chauffeur, happy-go-lucky Manolo, have to pose as husband and wife. Plus, Ava’s liberal lifestyle is the exact opposite of Ana Mari’s own moral code. In all the turmoil, Ana Mari barely notices how she is actually beginning to fall for that crazy, lightheaded Manolo!



ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Ken AppledornBill Gallagher [SS]
Anna CastilloPilar [SS]
Inma CuestaAna Mari [SS]
Britta VoigtBetty Sicre [SR]


Director of photographyPau Esteve Birba
DirectorPaco León
DirectorAnna R. Costa
EditorAlberto de Toro
EditorAna Álvarez Ossorio
ComposerAle Acosta
Production designerIdoia Esteban
Production managerSandra Hermida
Production managerBegoña Muñoz Corcuera
CreatorPaco León
CreatorAnna R. Costa
ScreenwriterAnna R. Costa
ScreenwriterFernando Perez
ScreenwriterPaco León
Production sound mixerSergio Bürmann

Production companies

Andy Joke [es]

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Beta Film GmbH


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Anna R. Costa2019Winner


2019FranceFestival de la fiction TV de La RochelleEuropean Competition


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First showingSpainMovistar+ [es]Thursday, 08/11/2018