Trailer | 2013 | Nature-Environment | Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, USA

Shooting data

Number of shooting days5

Project data

Film financing
Length of movie4'18''
Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Picture material negativeARRI RAW

    Brief synopsis

    Iconic and acclaimed film director Victor Kossakovsky takes us on an epic journey, at the heart of which is the majestic element: water. Filming from an iceberg as it ruptures from a polar ice sheet and traverses the open sea, we experience the beauty of this essential life-giving element as well as its shattering power.


    Director of photographyBen Bernhard120 fps ARRIRAW HFR - ALEXA XT
    Director of photographyVictor Kossakovsky
    1st assistant cameraFlorian GeyerArri Alexa
    2nd assistant cameraThomas KellingZusatz Equipment 8 Tage
    DirectorVictor Kossakovsky
    GafferTobias Lindner

    Production companies

    Aconite Productions [uk]