Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Audi Cancun - (Titel fehlt) (WT)Commercial
    2020Zalando - Adidas Originals. RevealCommercial
    2020Adelholzener - Reinheit & Active O2. Fun is in the Air (WT)Commercial
    2019Ahoj Brause - Forever YoungCommercial
    2019Merzedes Benz - Bertha Benz. The journey that changed everythingShort Film
    2019Porsche Taycan - HereCommercial
    2019Toom - Wir haben's getestet, damit du es nicht musstCommercial
    2019Tipico - Wer alles gibt, hat mehr verdientCommercial
    2019Zalando - Adidas. No shade (2 Spots)Commercial
    2019Nike - AnthemCommercial
    2019Ancestry - You are Your StoryCommercial
    2019Strato - Speed 2.0Commercial
    2019BVG - Jelbi. Harte TürCommercial
    2019Granini - DieLimonatiCommercial
    2019Samsung - Women World Cup 2019Commercial
    2019Adidas - Recode Running (WT)Commercial
    2018Edeka - Übung macht den MeisterCommercial
    2018Smart - Ready to shareCommercial
    2018DB - #LalaläuftCommercial
    2018Objekt - Dazzle Anew (WT)Music Video