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Anna Karenina

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    TV Movie (multi-part) | 2012-2013 | RAI [it] | Film based on literary source | France, Germany, Italy, Spain

    Shooting data

    Start of shooting25/10/2012
    End of shooting15/12/2012
    Number of shooting days45
    LocationsLithuania, Latvia, St. Petersburg
    Filming regionsLatvia, Lithuania, Russia

    Project data

    Length of movie2x90'

    Brief synopsis

    Anna and Kitty. Two lives. One of desperate passion that ends in tragedy, the other, an existence made real through love. Two destinies that interweave, giving rise to two, so very different stories, yet lived in pursuit of the same desire- to find a love that lets them fully be themselves, to live without having to conform to society’s pretences.

    One of the greatest love stories ever written.

    After dozens of film and television adaptations, the story of Anna Karenina is seen through a whole new light, with the revival of parts of the novel that are often overlooked.
    The passionate story of two women, Anna and Kitty, the tragedy and realization of a touching and imperfect joy, sentiments and reason, extraordinary love and everyday love finally interwoven in this original, all-time saga- Anna Karenina.

    An international co-production, immersed in the uncontaminated landscapes of Lithuania and Latvia, with an international cast from Italy, Germany, France and Spain, directed by Christian Duguay, the Canadian director who has directed some of Lux Vide’s recent successful miniseries including Coco Chanel, Augustine: The decline of the Roman Empire and Cinderella.

    Characters like Levin, Karenin, Seriozha, Vronsky, Dolly and Stiva give us an indelible representation about the truth of love, marriage, separation, children and, most of all, they will make us think about the meaning of our own existence.



    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Vittoria PucciniAnna Karenina [L]
    Santiago CabreraVronsky [L]
    Benjamin SadlerKarenin [L]
    Lou de LaâgeKitty [L]
    Max von Thun
    Levin [L]
    Diana Krueger
    Young Countess [SR]
    Aviana Alaïs Angélique AdellDancer [SR]
    Cesare BocciStiva [SR]
    Léa BoscoPrincess Betsy [SR]
    Dainius JankauskasFriedrich [SR]
    Adrian McCourtKarenin's Butler [SR]
    Ángela MolinaCountess Vronskaya [SR]
    Carlotta NatoliDolly [SR]
    Dylan PierceSeryozha [SR]
    Inga ShalkauskaiteAnnushka [SR]
    Patricia VicoLidia Ivanovna [SR]
    Christian DuguayMatochin [BP]
    Sergio ErcolessiPension Landlord [BP]
    Darius MiniotasNikolai [BP]
    Sakalas UždavinysVassiy [BP]
    Annemarie van de MondAgafea [BP]


    Director of photographyFabrizio Lucci
    Casting directorDonatas Šimukauskas
    Casting directorBarbara Giordani
    Casting directorCornelia von Braun
    German Cast
    German Cast
    Costume designerEnrica Biscossi
    DirectorChristian Duguay
    EditorDavid Yardley
    Makeup artist / hair stylistGiancarlo Del Brocco
    Hair stylistFrancesco Pegoretti
    ComposerJan A. P. Kaczmarek
    ProducerMatilde Bernabei
    ProducerLuca Bernabei
    Delegate producerDaniele Passani
    Production designerCosimo Gomez
    ScreenwriterFrancesco Arlanch
    Production sound mixerSaulius Urbanavičius

    Production companies

    Lux Vide S.p.A. [it]
    RAI Fiction [it]
    Pampa Production [fr]
    Telecinco Cinema [es]
    Beta Film GmbH
    Nordic Productions [lt]
    service production Lithuania
    service production Lithuania

    Distribution / Sales companies

    Beta Film GmbH
    Condor Distribution [fr]


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingGermanyARD [de]Saturday, 04/01/2014