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Ann Ayano, actress, Berlin
©Jeanne Degraa
  • Actress

Basic data

Skills (dance)BalletContemporary Dance
Skills (sports)boxingkenjutsukick boxingtaek won do
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin


United Kingdom
Phone+44 7367 105948


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About Ann Ayano

Ann Ayano, a Japanese actress, was born and raised in Tokyo. Since its premiere on April 30, 2022, she has been performing in the stage adaptation of Mieko Kawakami's novel, "Breasts and Eggs," under the direction of Christopher Rüping at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Germany. She has appeared in the Netflix series, "Hello," and played the lead role in the sci-fi film, "Immortal." She also collaborates with some of Japan's most renowned directors such as Hideki Noda and Tetsu Taoshita, as well as conductors like Michiyoshi Inoue and Alexander Lazarev.
Ann Ayano graduated from the Nihon University College of Art, specializing in Theater Acting. She further honed her acting skills at Actor's Space Berlin and Chubbuck Studio Berlin. Her special talents include ballet, contemporary dance, opera and kickboxing. Her hobbies are reading and spending time with her dogs.
In 2015, she relocated to Berlin and was chosen as the lead actress in the play, "The Fall of Babel," written by Yoko Tawada and directed by Matthias Rebstock, at the Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele. She also took on the French narrator role in the Japanese premiere of "Stravinsky: Perséphone," a performance that has been released on CD. She is currently acting as a producer for the project, "Enoch Arden," an action film she produced herself which has garnered more than 80,000 views on YouTube.
She currently resides in both Berlin and Tokyo, and leverages her language skills in her native Japanese, as well as in foreign languages such as German, French and English for international film appearances.


2023/3Larry Moss Coaching [us] (Lary Moss Masterclass Scene Study)
2022/4Learn-moviefighting.com (Workshop und Privat Unterricht für Movie fighting von Oliver Juhrs)
2021Chubbuck Studio Berlin [de]
2020/2Roth Coaching [de] (Workshop)
2020/2Acting Choices - Schauspielcoach Tim Garde [de]
2019/9 to 2021Studio André Bolouri - Actors Space Berlin (Meisner Training bei André Bolouri)
2018/10 to 2019/8Studio André Bolouri - Actors Space Berlin (Meisner-Training)
2018/9Die Tankstelle | Coaching | Film - TV - Theater (Schauspielkurs)
2011/4 to 2014/3Nihon University College of Art (Study of Acting (Bachelor))


2011Best Acting Award at the "First Asia theater School Festival" by China Central Academy of Drama
2011‘’Nihon University College of Art’’ Dean Award

Movies as actress

2022Hello (WT)
Akira Okawa [BP]
TV Series, NetflixSebastian HilgerAkira Okawa [BP]
2022Immortal (WT)
Kaya [L]
Short FilmTim BrückmannKaya [L]
2022Was von der Liebe bleibt
Stuntwomen [BP]
Feature FilmKanwal SethiStuntwomen [BP]
2022Xiaomi - Brand Introduction Video
DJ. [SR]
CommercialMaximilian BuckDJ. [SR]
2021The Strand of equilibriums
Japanese Witch (Lead) [L]
Short FilmAlice EvermoreJapanese Witch (Lead) [L]
20217Liars (Webserie)
Hanako [SRE]
SeriesRobert FranzHanako [SRE]
Hikaru [L]
Education/Training ProductionKilian PohlHikaru [L]
2019Divine Comedy
Woman [SR]
Short FilmMakan TalayehWoman [SR]
2019Das Schwarze Haus (WT)
Teaser (Film Concept)Agnes ReganSupporting
2019Moshi (Webfilm)
Momo [L]
Short FilmKoichi FuruyaMomo [L]
2019Munich Tourism - Simply Munich. The Unbelievabowls
Bo [L]
Corporate FilmDiego Oliva TejedaBo [L]
2019I am afraid of Memories
Aya [L]
Showreel ProductionEmerson ReyesAya [L]
Maria [SR]
Experimental FilmShinpei TakedaMaria [SR]
2018One hour Sence
Lead [GS]
TV-ShowKaori NoroLead [GS]
2011Nothing's Carved In Stone - Chain Reaction
Girl [L]
Music Videozuständige/r Regisseur/inGirl [L]
Miyoko (in der Zukunft) [SR]
Feature FilmYoshifumi TsubotaMiyoko (in der Zukunft) [SR]
2009Muzin Eki
Lead [L]
Short FilmMegumi TsunoLead [L]
Yami [L]
Short FilmYasuhiro IkunishiYami [L]

Theatre engagements

YearProduction nameRoleDirectorTheatre
2023 - 2024The SeagullMaschaChristopher RüpingSchauspielhaus Zürich
2022 - 2024Breasts and EggsYurikoChristopher RüpingThalia Theater
2020Le nozze di FigaroContessa (Lead)Hideki NodaTokyo metropolitan Theater
2019Der Fall BabelLeadMatthias RebstockSWR Schwetzinger Festspiele Rokokotheater
2018PerséphonePerséphone (Lead)Dirigent: Alexander LazarevJapan Philharmonic Orchestra
2017Karate Musical Sauce!Linda Yoshida (Lead)Tetsu TaoshitaSpace zero
2017The Portrait of Beatrice CenciBeatrice Cenci (Lead)Tetsu TaoshitaTheater LOV
2016 - 2018Le piège de MéduseFrisette (Lead)Kanji Shimizu, Tomoko KawaguchiKusatsu music Festival
2011 - 2013Gesäubertnamenlosen FrauTomoko KawaguchiKamome za
2010Die MöweNinaKin KadoiTPT

Basic data

Height170 cm
Weight54 kg - 119 lb.
Body typeslim
Clothing size36
Ethnic appearanceasian (east asian), east european, mixed (white and asian)
Hair colourblack
Hair lengthlong
Eye colourbrown
Voice typesoprano
Skills (dance)BalletContemporary Dance
Skills (sports)boxingkenjutsukick boxingtaek won do
Special skillsExperience in movie fighting and screen combat. I am a quick learner when it comes to languages.
Experience abroadCentral Europe: Germany, Switzerland
East Asia: Japan
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, Tokyo