Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2018Waiting for AnyaFeature FilmHorcada [GS]
    2011The Big YearFeature FilmAnnie [SR]
    2010100 Jahre Hollywood (WT)Documentary, arte, SWR [de]Anjelica Huston [SR]Carmen Molinar
    2007The Kreutzer SonataFeature FilmElinore [L]
    2006The Darjeeling LimitedFeature FilmPatricia [SR]
    2006Covert One - The Hades FactorTV Movie (multi-part)President [SR]
    1998Ever afterFeature FilmRodmilla [L]
    1994The Perez FamilyFeature FilmCarmela Perez [L]
    1991The PlayerFeature FilmAnjelica Huston [SR]
    1989Crimes and MisdemeanorsFeature FilmDolores Paley [SR]