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Anja, Bine and the Gravedigger

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    Short Film | 1997

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    Length of movie32 min

    Brief synopsis

    Shy, nine-year-old Anja is scared to death when she has to jump off the high-dive board. Ever since her older brother died in an accident six years ago, Anja's mother has become overprotective. In trying to safeguard Anja against everything, she unwittingly prevents her from ever truly living - were it not for Anja's best friend, Bine. Full of life and vigor, her bravado and zest rub off on Anja. While the subject of death is taboo in Anja's family, Bine responds to it with curious naiveté. She goes looking for the souls of the deceased among the corpses in the cemetery where Hein the gravedigger works. It is only when Anja loses Bine that she realizes you have to look down if you want to jump off the high-dive...


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Julia AugustinBine [L]
    Karen BöhneAnjas Mutter [L]
    Wilfried DziallasHein, der Totengräber [L]
    Clara-Paulina WitschAnjaAnja [L]
    Joachim KapplAnjas Vater [SR]
    Magdalena LangheinDie alte Grohlberg [SR]


    Director of photographyChristopher Rowe
    Costume designerAndrea Schraad
    DirectorAndrea Katzenberger
    ProducerNina Lenze
    Production designerZazie Knepper
    Assistant set/floor managerChristoph Heitmann
    Production sound mixerChristoph Köpf

    Production companies

    Hamburg Media School


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Andrea Katzenberger19983. Preis beim Poitiers 1998Prix du PublicNominated
    Andrea Katzenberger1998Pro Sieben NachwuchspreisNachwuchspreisWinner
    Andrea Katzenberger19991. Filmpreis Internationales KinderfilmfestKurzfilmWinner
    Andrea Katzenberger19993. Preis Hamburger KurzfilmfestKinderkurzfilmNominated
    Andrea Katzenberger199916. Internationales Kinderfilmfestival ChicagoKurzfilmWinner
    Andrea Katzenberger1999Santiago de ChileBeste SchauspielführungWinner
    Andrea Katzenberger2000Emil-Preis von Tv-SpielfilmKurzfilmWinner