Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2021Jour 37 (WT)
    Joseph [L]
    Feature FilmJoseph [L]
    2020Le Torrent (WT)
    n.a. [L]
    Feature Filmn.a. [L]
    2019Cellule de crise
    Guillaume Kessel [SS]
    TV Series, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse [ch]Guillaume Kessel [SS]
    2019All Aboard!
    Antoine [L]
    Feature FilmAntoine [L]
    2019Black Box
    n.a. [L]
    Feature Filmn.a. [L]
    2018Tanguy, le retour
    Paul Guetz [L]
    Feature FilmPaul Guetz [L]
    Claude [L]
    Feature FilmClaude [L]
    2017Bad Seeds
    Victor [L]
    Feature FilmVictor [L]
    2016This Is Our Land
    Philippe Berthier [L]
    Feature FilmPhilippe Berthier [L]
    2015Full Speed
    Ben [L]
    Feature FilmBen [L]
    2015Roommates Wanted
    Hubert Jacquin [L]
    Feature FilmHubert Jacquin [L]
    2015Le Grand Jeu
    Joseph [L]
    Feature FilmJoseph [L]
    201421 Nights with Pattie
    Jean [L]
    Feature FilmJean [L]
    Pierre Cotteret [L]
    Feature FilmPierre Cotteret [L]
    2014Des Apaches
    Jean [GS]
    Feature FilmJean [GS]
    Nordling [L]
    Feature FilmNordling [L]
    2013Life Of Riley
    Simeon [L]
    Feature FilmSimeon [L]
    2012Beauty and the Beast
    The Merchant [SR]
    Reinhard Kuhnert
    Feature FilmThe Merchant [SR]Reinhard Kuhnert
    2010An Ordinary Execution
    Staline [L]
    Feature FilmStaline [L]
    2010My Worst Nightmare
    François [L]
    Feature FilmFrançois [L]