Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2022Le Temps d'aimer (WT)
    Madeleine [L]
    Feature FilmMadeleine [L]
    2021Smoking Causes Coughing
    Nicotine [L]
    Feature FilmNicotine [L]
    2021The Beast in the Jungle
    May [L]
    Feature FilmMay [L]
    Inès [L]
    Janin Stenzel
    Feature FilmInès [L]Janin Stenzel
    2020Incredible But True
    Jeanne [L]
    Feature FilmJeanne [L]
    2020H24 - 24 Hours, 24 Women, 24 Stories
    Ice skater 'I Will Be Queen' [LE]
    TV Series, arteIce skater 'I Will Be Queen' [LE]
    2020Anaïs in Love
    Anaïs [L]
    Feature FilmAnaïs [L]
    2019Tout le monde m'appelle Mike (WT)
    n.n. [L]
    Feature Filmn.n. [L]
    2019Gloria Mundi
    Mathilda [SR]
    Feature FilmMathilda [SR]
    2019Chère Léa
    Léa [L]
    Feature FilmLéa [L]
    2018Alice oder Die Bescheidenheit
    Alice Heimann, l'assistante du maire [L]
    Feature FilmAlice Heimann, l'assistante du maire [L]
    2018The Girl with a Bracelet
    l'avocat général [L]
    Feature Filml'avocat général [L]
    2017Father and Sons
    Esther [L]
    Feature FilmEsther [L]
    2017Keep an Eye Out
    Fiona [SR]
    Feature FilmFiona [SR]
    2017Through the Fire
    Cécile [L]
    Feature FilmCécile [L]
    2016Tomorrow and Thereafter
    Mathilde adulte [L]
    Feature FilmMathilde adulte [L]
    2016Cornelius, le meunier hurlant
    Carmen [L]
    Feature FilmCarmen [L]
    2015Sophie's Misfortunes
    Madame de Fleurville [L]
    Feature FilmMadame de Fleurville [L]
    Jenna [SR]
    TV Movie, arteJenna [SR]
    Caprice [L]
    Virginie Efira
    Feature FilmCaprice [L]Virginie Efira