Brief synopsis

Dr. Florian 'Doc' Kaps had always been fascinated by analogue image and sound recording mediums, but it wasn't until the very last Polaroid factory was threatened by demolition in the wake of the digital revolution that he swung into action, determined to save the famous instant photography device. However, this eccentric Austrian proved not to have much of a business brain. During the few years that this energetic documentary follows Doc, a shift in the zeitgeist occurs and other analogue lovers come to the fore. A small group swims powerfully against the tide, freeing themselves from the tech giants who hold us in their uncomfortable grasp.


Director of photographyBernd Fischershot on 35mm
Director of photographyTorsten Lippstock
Director of photographyThomas Antoszczyk35mm Enschede+Berlin
1st assistant cameraAlexander SeidlArri LT 35mm Milano
1st assistant cameraNelson Smith35MM - 2 DT Berlin
1st assistant cameraChristian Stiendl
1st assistant cameraDaniel Grendel35mm /Shooting cologne
1st assistant cameraKarl Keil1 DT, Berlin, 35mm, ARRICAM LT
1st assistant cameraDariusz BrunzelArricam 35mm
2nd assistant cameraFlorian Bellack35mm / 4 Tage
2nd assistant cameraAndreas Pölzl35mm Loader ARRI LT
2nd assistant cameraTimon PfaffArri LT 35mm Milano
Clapper/loaderRouven Schardt35mm
DirectorJens Meurer
1st AD (local system)Andrea HügliWien Teil Mischief Film
1st AD (local system)Natalie Prinzab 07/17
EditorAndrew Bird
EditorZenon Kristen
EditorMichael Nollett
Assistant editorLiz Lopez
ComposerSasha Peres
ProducerPhil Hunt
ProducerCompton Ross
ProducerJens Meurer
Co-producerRalph Wieser
Executive producerDietmar Güntsche
Executive producerJosef Reidinger
Executive producerJudy Tossell
Executive producerMichael Kölmel
Executive producerFrank Lehmann [1]
Head of developmentJona Wirbeleit
Assistant-/ junior-producerBianca Gleissinger
Assistant-/ junior-producerDerya Türkmen
Line producerPhilipp Diettrich
Line producerAnne-Kathrin Seemann
Line producerPeter Hermann
Production managerAnne-Kathrin Seemann
Production managerMarie Ebenhan
Post production coordinatorTolke Palm
ScreenwriterCosima Lange
ScreenwriterJens Meurer
ScreenwriterFranziska Kramer
Production sound mixerElisa Piria
Production sound mixerJacob Ilgner2 DT Berlin
Production sound mixerSylvain Remy1 Drehtag Enschede NL
Production sound mixerBernd Hackmann1 Drehtag Enschede
Assistant to sound re-recording mixerGaston IbarrouleMix in Berlin

Production companies

Instant Film UG [de]
Mischief Films [at]co-production
Arri Media GmbH [de]co-production

Distributing companies

Weltkino Filmverleih GmbH [de]Verleih Deutschland


2020NetherlandsRotterdam International Film FestivalDeep Focus: Regained