Brief synopsis

    A contemporary reading of Antigone. Gaetano, a quiet young man, lives near the bedside of his father and works alone to manage the family bakery. Although his French baguettes are well liked, as the Paris-born son of a Sicilian mother and French father, the village has never accepted him. When his wastrel elder brother dies committing a crime that results in the death of two others, Gaetano assumes his family responsibility to bury him next to their mother. But in this village, the weight of tradition is omnipotent. The mayor Enza enforces the law like an underworld don, declaring there is no place for bad people to be buried beside the good in the municipal cemetery. She denies Gaetano access to his brother’s body. Enza’s daughter Anna is Gaetano’s lover. She witnesses his resolve and encourages Gaetano to take a stand for his family honor, even as doing so will put his life in danger.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Syrus ShahidiGaëtano [L]
    Virginia PerroniAnna [L]
    Celeste CasciaroEnza [L]
    Tony SperandeoMaresciallo [L]
    Dino FavuzzaGianni [L]
    Fosco PerintiLe Père [L]
    Ciro PeroneBebeto [L]
    Gabriele ArenaCarlo [L]
    Paolo BrancatiTonio [SR]
    Vito CrimiGiosuè [SR]
    Gianfranco DamianoMouton [SR]
    Daniela Lo NardoDaniela [SR]
    Desire Lo NardoDesi [SR]
    Rosario Lo NardoRosario [SR]
    Salvo Lo NardoSalvo [SR]
    Nunziata Lo PrestiGrazia [SR]
    Giuseppe LonardoGiuseppe [SR]
    Giuditta PerrieraLucia [SR]
    Lorenzo RandazzoAndrea [SR]
    Giovanni ZingaleGabriele [SR]


    Director of photographyTristan Chenais
    Costume designerOlga Richon
    DirectorJulien Paolini
    EditorGwen Ghelid
    ComposerPasquale Filasto
    ProducerJulien Paolini
    ProducerClément Lecomte
    ProducerSyrus Shahidi
    Co-producerAngelo Laudisa
    Co-producerXavier Plèche
    Co-producerQuentin Henneguelle
    Co-producerPierre Cazenave-Kaufman
    Co-producerGrégoire Giral
    Production designerLisa Paolini
    Unit production managerGilles Monnier
    Unit production managerVincenzo Cusumano
    Unit production managerAndrea Santoro
    ScreenwriterSamy Baaroun
    ScreenwriterJulien Paolini
    Production sound mixerMartin Lanot

    Distributing companies

    À Vif Cinémas [fr]France (theatrical)
    DHR [fr]France (theatrical)
    Reel Suspects [fr]International Sales


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 19/02/2020