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Aleksandra Panchenko, 1st AD, Kyiv
  • 1st AD
Born 1993 in Crimea, Ukraine (30 Years)


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    About Aleksandra Panchenko

    In cinematografy since 2016. Started like a clap-girl. Already 7 years worked as a 1 and 2 AD. More specializing in TV series and documentaries. Full managment of the set and preparation for filming. Make a call sheet in Exel or Goodle doc.

    Fictional movies as 1st AD

    2021Алмаз Афёра (WT)TV Series, 1+1 [ua]Denis TarasovPlan B Production [ua]
    2021Morsyka policiya. ChornomorsykTV Series, ICTV [ua]Dmitry AndreyanovMamas Film Production [ua]
    2020Клятва врачаTV Series, Ukraina / Kanal Ukraina [ua]Denis TarasovPlan B Production [ua]
    2020Polling station with DVRZ
    2 seasons
    TV Series, ICTV [ua]Dmitry AndreyanovMamas Film Production [ua]2 seasons
    2019Polling station with DVRZTV Series, ICTV [ua]MultipleMamas Film Production [ua]
    2018Jonathan Fort (WT)Series PilotVaron BonicosEvil Doghouse Studios [no]
    2018ВещдокTV Series, Inter [ua]Multiple07 Production Ltd [ua]
    2017ВещдокTV Series, Inter [ua]Multiple07 Production Ltd [ua]

    Non-fictional movies as 1st AD

    2022Disappearing villagesReportTetiana StanievaPowerFilm Production [ua]

    Shows/Live/Events as 1st AD

    2017Время строитьTV-Show, Inter [ua]Margarita SchabinskajaInter Media Group [ua]

    Fictional movies in other activities

    2018Wilhelm von Habsburg - Der König der UkraineDocu-FictionGernot StadlerGS Film, Gernot Stadler [at]clapper/loader
    2017В последний раз прощаюсьTV Movie, Ukraina / Kanal Ukraina [ua]Andrey ChernykhFilm.UA Group [ua]clapper/loader
    2016КриминологTV Series, ICTV [ua]Margarita SchabinskajaFilm.UA Group [ua]clapper/loader

    Basic data

    Special skillsIn Ukraine I held position of 1AD, and 2AD, and 3AD. So I have big experiens in different position.
    Education2010-2014 Crimea University of Art Culture and Tourism, scene director
    Further referenceshttps://www.facebook.com/strangps/
    Preferred place of workPrefer Kyiv or business trips.
    Immediate working areaKyiv
    2nd residence (if applicable)Hamburg
    1st residence (federal state or country)Ukraine