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Wilfried Gufler
Weintraubengasse 2339100  BozenItaly
Mobile+39 335 6196848
Phone+39 04710 56626
Fax+39 0471 976908

    About Albolina Film GmbH

    We are a film production and service company from South Tyrol/Italy with local and international orientation.
    We tell stories about people who go outside the borders of the country in geographical and sociological terms. We tell stories about people who have an overwhelming desire to think outside the box, overcome limits and at best become immortal.
    We have a long experience as executive producers for foreign film productions, which shoot films in Italy, and we are supporting you in all various areas of your shooting/filming.
    We focus on organisational, legal, administrative and tax tasks as well as financial consulting. This includes budget optimisation, film promotion and the Italian tax credit.
    We have experience with co-productions and, as a subsidiary of Edition Raetia, a publishing firm, also the rights to numerous books that provide good material for screenplays. We are therefore constantly on the lookout for production partners.

    Projects as production

    2022Der Raketenmann. Max Valier: Der Traum vom Weltall (WT)DocumentaryThomas Hanifle
    2021Sisters / Māsas (WT)
    Feature FilmLinda OlteCo-production
    2020Der Bozen-Krimi - Mord am Penser Joch
    Serviceproduction Italy
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Thomas NennstielServiceproduction Italy
    2020Im Netz der Camorra
    Serviceproduction Italy
    TV Movie (multi-part), Servus TV [at], ZDF [de]Andreas ProchaskaServiceproduction Italy
    2020Dreamcatcher (WT)
    Service Production Italy
    Feature FilmPeter DalleService Production Italy
    DocumentaryReinhold MessnerServiceproduction
    2020Gegen das Schweigen (WT)Documentary FeatureGeorg Lembergh
    2019Südtirols Hoher Norden - Wildes, ursprüngliches Land an der Spitze Italiens (WT)DocumentaryJochen Hemmleb
    2019Der Bozen-Krimi - Zündstoff
    Executive Producer Italien
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Kaspar HeidelbachExecutive Producer Italien
    2019Where the road leads / Kur vedis cels (WT)
    Service Production Italy
    Indie Feature FilmMatiss KazaService Production Italy
    2019Der Bozen-Krimi - Tödliche Stille
    Executive Producer Italien
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de]Thorsten NäterExecutive Producer Italien
    2019Der Bozen-Krimi - Blutrache
    Executive Producer Italien
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de]Thorsten NäterExecutive Producer Italien
    Serviceproduktion Italien/Executive Producer Italien
    Feature FilmNancy CamaldoServiceproduktion Italien/Executive Producer Italien
    2019Langkofel – Die letzte Herausforderung
    DocumentaryReinhold MessnerService
    2019My Upside Down WorldDocumentaryElena Goatelli
    2018Ahead of Me the SouthDocumentary FeaturePepe Danquart
    2018Der Bozen-Krimi - Gegen die Zeit
    Executive Producer Italien
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Thorsten NäterExecutive Producer Italien
    2018Mord am Unmöglichen
    Documentary (Mini Series), Servus TV [at]Reinhold MessnerServiceproduktion
    2018Die große Zinne
    Docu-FictionReinhold MessnerServiceproduktion
    2018Der Bozen-Krimi - Mörderisches Schweigen
    Executive Producer Italien
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de]Thorsten NäterExecutive Producer Italien

    Projects as distributor

    2020Gegen das Schweigen (WT)Documentary FeatureGeorg Lembergh

    Company data

    Experience abroadSouthern Europe: Italy
    Date of company foundation2012
    Permanent employees4
    Immediate working areaHead office: Bozen