Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Der Fuchs (WT)Feature Film, arte, BR [de], SWR [de]
    2020The Story of My Wife (WT)Feature Film
    2019And Tomorrow The Entire WorldFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2019Nahschuss (WT)Feature FilmDeutschland
    2019Portrait of a Lady on FireFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2019SweetheartFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2019The Kindness of StrangersFeature FilmDistribution Germany/Austria
    2019SibylFeature FilmGermany (Theatrical) 2020
    2019The CountyFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2018Persian LessonsFeature FilmGermany
    2018ExileFeature Film
    2018ClimaxFeature FilmGermany & Austria (theatrical)
    2018CapernaumFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2018Träum weiter!Documentary Feature
    2017Wackersdorf - be alert, courageous and solidaricFeature Film
    2017On Body and SoulFeature FilmGermany (theatrical)
    2016What doesn't Kill UsFeature Film
    2016Cloud WhispersFeature Film
    2016The SquareFeature FilmDeutschland
    2016Mektoub, My Love : Canto UnoFeature FilmVerleih Deutschland