About Agence culturelle Grand Est

    Member of the national network Film France and the international network EuFCN, the Grand Est film comission is a department of the Agence culturelle Grand Est, whose mission is to foster and support the development of culture on the regional territory.

    This Comission :
    - offers to french and foreign film and TV producers a wide range of free services : information, location scouting, film crews and suppliers sourcing, liaising with location and land owners, accomodation sourcing.
    - animates PLATO, an innovating network of 11 cities and territories eager to bring their best to foster shooting on their unique locations.

    Film projects

    2021Normale (WT)Feature FilmOlivier BabinetHaut et Court [fr]logistical support
    2021Paula (WT)Feature FilmAngela TerrailKidam [fr]
    2021César Wagner 5 (WT)TV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Magaly Richard-SerranoIncognita Films [fr]
    2021César Wagner 4 (WT)TV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Magaly Richard-SerranoIncognita Films [fr]
    2021Le Principal (aka Pour ton bien) (WT)Feature FilmChad ChenougaWhy Not Productions [fr]
    2021Le Visiteur du futur (WT)Feature FilmFrançois DescraquesPyramide Films [fr]
    2021La Dégustation (WT)Feature FilmIvan CalbéracMandarin Production [fr]
    2021Trois nuits par semaine (WT)Feature FilmFlorent GouëlouYukunkun Productions [fr]
    2021Une zone à défendre (aka ZAD) / A Zone to Defend (WT)Feature FilmRomain CogitoreChi-Fou-Mi Productions [fr]
    2020Le Voyageur 5 - La Maison sous le vent (WT)TV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]Philippe DajouxTélécip [fr]logistical support
    2020Une femme du monde (WT)Feature FilmCécile DucrocqDomino Films [fr]logistical support
    2020Le Torrent (WT)Feature FilmAnne Le NyMove Movie [fr]logistical support
    2020La Place d’une autre (WT)Feature FilmAurélia Georges31 Juin Films [fr]logistical support
    2020Meurtres à Mulhouse (WT)TV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]Delphine LemoinePing et Pong Productions [fr]logistical support
    2020Le Code (WT)TV Series, France 2 [fr]Jean-Christophe DelpiasMaking Prod [fr]logistical support Reims
    2020César Wagner - Sombres desseinsTV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Antoine GarceauIncognita Films [fr]
    2020César Wagner - Sang et EauxTV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Antoine GarceauIncognita Films [fr]
    2020En quête de vérité (WT)TV Series, France 2 [fr]MultipleTroisième Œil [fr]
    2020Le Voyageur - Le Village assassinéTV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]Stéphanie MuratTélécip [fr]logistical support
    2020Une affaire française - L'Affaire Grégory (WT)Limited series, TF1 [fr]Christophe LamotteCheyenne Federation [fr]logistical support


    Branch offices

    Company data

    Date of company foundation1998
    Immediate working areaHead office: SÚlestat
    Branch offices: Reims, Nancy [fr]