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Afghanistan. The Wounded Land | © LOOKSfilm
© LOOKSfilm

Afghanistan. Das verwundete Land

  • Afghanistan - Der 40-jährige Krieg (Working title)
Documentary Series | 2018-2019 | arte, NDR [de] | History, Politics, War | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting20/12/2018
End of shooting13/09/2019
Number of shooting days35
LocationsKabul, London, Berlin, Köln, Austin, Washington D.C., Genf, Oslo, Barcelona
Filming regionsAfghanistan, Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA

Brief synopsis

AFGHANISTAN. THE WOUNDED LAND – in English narrated by Khaled Hosseini (author of "The Kite Runner") - looks at six decades of Afghan history through the eyes of those who were there: warriors and civilians, men and women. Their personal memories of the golden era, the Soviet occupation, the civil war, the Taliban regime, of 9/11 and its aftermath open new perspectives onto Afghanistan, its people and its destiny. These stories reflect in an unparalleled selection of archive footage, unearthed in Afghanistan, Russia and the Arab world. Thus, this documentary grants new insight into what went tragically wrong in the past - and what future is being hoped for.


Post production coordinatorMarkus Thüne
Post production assistantVolker Schulze
ColoristKay Dombrowsky
Director of photographyMax Preiss
Director of photographyJörg Junge
Director of photographyMarcel Mettelsiefen
Director of photographyMikhail Galustov
DirectorMayte Carrasco
DirectorMarcel Mettelsiefen
EditorCatrin Vogt
EditorAnnette Muff
EditorStephan Ellis
EditorPhilipp Gromov
ComposerChris Bremus
ComposerMichael Kadelbach
ProducerGunnar Dedio
ProducerChristin Schutta
ProducerLucio Mollica
Assistant-/ junior-producerAnja Zhukova
Line producerLeonardo Re
Line producerJan Heinrich Müller
Production managerMelanie Clausen
Production managerMelanie Braun
ShowrunnerLucio Mollica
ScreenwriterMarcel Mettelsiefen
ScreenwriterClaire Billet
ScreenwriterMayte Carrasco
Co-writerLucio Mollica
Archive researchLukas Mutschler
Archive researchManuel Heller
Archive researchMariam Ghani
Sound recordist (non fiction)Jens Mattner
Sound recordist (non fiction)Moritz Kerst
Sound recordist (non fiction)Christoph Wonneberger
Sound re-recording mixerTobias Fritzsch
Sound designerMaxi Pongratz
Adr recordistAndré Klar
Commissioning editor in chargeUlrike Dotzer
Editorial assistantKristina Madejczyk
Editorial assistantJuliane Kirchberger
TranscriptorStefan Walter

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Cameras and UtilitiesLudwig Kameraverleih GmbH
Sound (Postproduction)Soundscape Studios
Voice Over Recording
Voice Over Recording


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
LOOKSfilm2021Grimme Preis [de]
Information & Kultur
Information & KulturNominated
Marcel Mettelsiefen2021Grimme Preis [de]
Publikumspreis Marler Gruppe
Publikumspreis Marler GruppeWinner
Claire Billet2021Grimme Preis [de]
Publikumspreis Marler Gruppe
Publikumspreis Marler GruppeWinner
Mayte Carrasco2021Grimme Preis [de]
Publikumspreis Marler Gruppe
Publikumspreis Marler GruppeWinner
Lucio Mollica2021Grimme Preis [de]
Publikumspreis Marler Gruppe
Publikumspreis Marler GruppeWinner


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanyarteTuesday, 07/04/2020, 8.15 PM