Adidas - Our Pitch Our Rules

  • Adidas - Die Mannschaft. DFB Jersey (Working title)
Commercial | 2015 | Sport | Germany

Project data

Length of movie0:54 Min.


    1st ADMatthias Nerlich
    Director of photographyTim Sidell
    1st assistant cameraRoman Müllegger
    2nd assistant cameraChristian Clarenz
    Data wrangler / digital loaderKristijan Kolak
    Video assist/playback operatorNicholas Jackson
    DirectorBen Strebel
    Key/dolly gripArne Schriever
    GafferMartin Bourgund
    Best boyChristian Buhlert
    Dimmer board operatorChristian BuhlertMA Lighting Lightcommander II 24/6
    Executive producerPacco-Luca Nitsche
    ProducerTim Beblo
    Creative producerJan Zierau
    Assistant to producerMalina Harder
    Assistant to production managerMalina Harder
    Unit managerHolger Borutta

    Production companies

    27 Kilometer Entertainment GmbH [de]