Movies as actress

    2018Portrait of a Lady on Fire
    Héloïse [L]
    Feature FilmCéline SciammaHéloïse [L]
    2018Heroes Don't Die
    Alice [L]
    Feature FilmAude Léa RapinAlice [L]
    Denise [L]
    Feature FilmQuentin DupieuxDenise [L]
    2017One Nation, One King
    Françoise [L]
    Feature FilmPierre SchoellerFrançoise [L]
    2016The Trouble with You
    Yvonne [L]
    Feature FilmPierre SalvadoriYvonne [L]
    2016120 BPM
    Sophie [SR]
    Feature FilmRobin CampilloSophie [SR]
    2015The Bloom of Yesterday
    Zazie [L]
    Feature FilmChris KrausZazie [L]
    2015The Unknown Girl
    Jenny Davin [L]
    Feature FilmMultipleJenny Davin [L]
    Renée [L]
    Feature FilmArnaud des PallièresRenée [L]
    La jeune femme au vélo [L]
    Feature FilmBertrand BonelloLa jeune femme au vélo [L]
    2014Les Ogres
    Mona [L]
    Feature FilmLéa FehnerMona [L]
    2013Love at First Fight
    Madeleine [L]
    Feature FilmThomas CailleyMadeleine [L]
    2010House of Pleasure
    Léa [L]
    Feature FilmBertrand BonelloLéa [L]
    2010En ville
    Isabelle [SR]
    Feature FilmMultipleIsabelle [SR]
    2006Water Lilies
    Floriane [L]
    Feature FilmCéline SciammaFloriane [L]
    Chloé [L]
    Feature FilmChristophe RuggiaChloé [L]

    Basic data

    Height175 cm
    Body typeslim
    Ethnic appearancewhite central european
    Hair colourblond
    Hair lengthlong
    Eye colourblue
    Voice typesoprano
    Immediate working areaParis
    1st residence (federal state or country)France - Île-de-France