Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Une femme de notre temps (WT)Feature Film
    2020France (aka Par ce demi-clair matin / On A Half Clear Morning) (WT)Feature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2020SweatFeature Film2021, France
    2019The Invisible Life of Eurídice GusmãoFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2019Port AuthorityFeature FilmDistribution France
    2018Taxi 5Feature Film
    2017Le vent tourneFeature FilmDistribution France
    2017Paris la blancheFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2017The SowerFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2017On the SlyFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2017Golden YearsFeature FilmDistribution France
    2016Nobody's Perfect!Feature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2016Golden YearsFeature Film
    2015Tehran TabooFeature FilmFrankreich
    201396 HeuresFeature Film
    201396 HeuresFeature Film
    2013Scouting for ZebrasFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)
    2011Plan de tableFeature Film
    2011Another Woman's LifeFeature Film
    2010Two the Price of OneFeature FilmFrance (theatrical)