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Я не вірю

  • I do not believe (Working title)
TV Series | 2021 | Ukraina / Kanal Ukraina [ua] | Melodrama | Ukraine

Brief synopsis

It would seem that Olya is doing well in life. She is the owner of an upmarket restaurant. She has a beloved man Michael, whom she is going to marry. But Olya's main joy and hope is nineteen-year-old Pasha, an excellent student, a promising guy, and a loving son. And then, like a bolt from the blue, the news is that the son has an affair with Ksenia, a divorced woman with a 9-year-old son. Mother urgently meets with Xenia and demands to leave her son alone. Upon learning of this, Pasha proposes to Xenia, the young are going to get married. But if Olya knew that this is not the worst thing that will happen in her life.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Anna Bachalovan.a. [SS]
Prokhor Dubravinn.a. [SS]
Gleb Mikhailichenkon.a. [SS]
Dmitry Saranskovn.a. [SS]
Sergey Derevyankon.a. [SS]
Elena Borozenetsn.a. [SS]
Nataliya Koretskyn.a. [SS]
Evgeny Kazakevichn.a. [SS]
Svetlana Zolotkon.a. [SS]
Aleksander OzolinGleb [L]


DirectorVitaliy Vashenko
ComposerIgor Melnichuk
ComposerPavel Krakhmalev
ProducerArtyom Prikhodko
ProducerViktor Prichodko
ProducerVitaliy Vashenko
ScreenwriterYulia Terentyeva
ScreenwriterVitaliy Vashenko

Production companies

ProTV [ua]